40-thousand potential maniacs

The United States is the country of myths. The myths run through the whole substance of an average American’s existence. He is surrounded with myths from his birth to his death. Once the myth is created, it is difficult to shake off. The myth about the United States’ invincibility was shaken on September 11, while the myth about the American dream grew dim recently, and now it is not so obvious that America is the country of fantastic possibilities. Today, the US refuses to get rid of one more myth it created: it turns out that the world cannot be divided into the white and the black, into Americans and terrorists. Everything is much more complicated. The US has for a long time convinced the whole world that terrorism can only of Islamic origin; however, even the casual observer can see the whole narrowness of this interpretation. After September 11, Americans rushed to annihilate terrorism all around the world, though not in their own country. In the most "free" country in the world, there are many ultra-radical organizations, which are probably not as active as Al Gaeda is, though as dangerous as it is, first of all for Americans themselves. Remember at least all-American Timothy McWay. Do you remember the story with anthrax spores being sent by mail? The whole country was panic-stricken at that time, and who was blamed for it? Of course, Arab countries, first of all Iraq; however it was shown at the time that the anthrax had not been transported to the US from overseas. Now, we finally know from where the white powder originated. The FBI managed to find a criminal who sent letters with anthrax spores after September 11, The Washington Times reported on Monday. The special services refuse to comment on the information, but they confirm the fact that the suspect is the head of a governmental lab. Biochemists quoted by the newspaper state that the scientist has worked for the US Army Medical Institute for Infectious Diseases in Maryland for a very long time. There is also information to suggest that he participated in over 50 research projects and knew the technologic processes of anthrax growth. However, he was twice dismissed from state posts, including the laboratory. The head of US Scientist Federation’s Military Biological Commission, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, in her interview to The Washington Times, reported that that FBI has not yet finished its investigation, while the number of US scientists suspected of spreading anthrax has become smaller and smaller. In the US, there are at least 40-thousand microbiologists, so if there is only one renegade, who can guarantee there will not be hundreds tomorrow? What will happen to America then? Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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