Jiang warns Bush: stop bullying!

The Chinese President Jiang Zemin gave a veiled but firm warning to George Bush over Washington’s belligerent policy against Iraq: negotiate and stop bullying.

George Bush’s summit in China was not a total success, since it fell far short of the objectives. On the issue of proliferation, the Chinese side did not accept the notion of a law which prohibits dual-use items and technology, which Washington had hoped to pass.

Regarding trade, although China has recently been admitted to the World Trade Association, Peking considers it too early to open up the Chinese market to American products, which had been intended. Condoleeza Rice, the US National Security Adviser, had to admit that “There has not been any movement”.

In the area of international politics and defence, the two sides failed to agree on the future of Taiwan and Bush’s plans for a nuclear missile defence shield. The two presidents stood side by side, Mr. Zemin speaking of “one nation rule...vital to the stability and growth of US-China relations” and Bush replying that if China used force against Taiwan, the USA would come to its aid.

Finally, on the issue of America’s announcement that it is to extend the war against terrorism, President Zemin replied that “peace is to be valued most” and quoted Chinese proverbs, one saying that “Despite the fact that sometimes you will have problems that cry out for immediate solution, patience is sometimes also necessary”. The second, “One cannot expect to dig a well with one spade”.

Later on, he made a reference to Washington’s current belligerent stance against Iraq, stating that “even if China becomes more developed in the future, it will not go for bullying or threatening other countries”.

President Zemin said that he preferred an approach based on “security through mutual trust and co-operation through mutual benefit...in a spirit of mutual respect, equality and seeking common ground”.

This has never been Washington’s policy in its external relations, which are motivated by a selfish greed to dominate the markets, control the economies and political systems, operated from a position of force, threat or pure arrogance.


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