South Korea is indignant about the Olympic judgement

The National Olympic Committee of South Korea released an official statement about the demarche. The Koreans are going to boycott the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics that is to take place on February 24. This decision was made because of the fact that the Olympic judges disqualified the South Korean speedskater Kim Dong-Sung, who had won the 1.5 kilometer race, according to all rules. The gold medal was re-awarded to an American athlete – yes, of course.

The representatives of South Korea did not hide their emotions. As RTR television channel informed, they said it was “uncovered plundering and a slap in the face of the national sport.”

The director of the South Korean delegation claimed that the Koreans were seriously considering a possibility to withdraw all of their athletes from the competitions and bid farewell to America.

The managers and representatives of the Russian Olympic Committee are looking forward for February 24, the day, when the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City are going to be over. The head of the committee, Leonid Tyagachev said they were going to talk to the International Olympic Committee to settle the problems. Tyagachev was definitely confused, when he was saying that in front of the TV cameras – he never looked in any. The journalists were asking him about the feelings and emotions of the Russian athletes, who had been disqualified, and what Russia was going to do in that respect. Tyagachev had nothing to say to the point, he just said that the Russian athletes were in a very good mood before the competitions, they were eager to start.

The company Russian Aluminium decided to protect the Russian athletes (this company is one of the general partners of the Russian Olympic team). Russian Aluminium is going to attract the leading legal firms of the world to advocate Russia’s sports interests.

As it was said in the statement: “We believe that the number of occasions of the biased judgement allows to come to the only one conclusion: the organizers of the Olympics declared the real war to our athletes.” This war exerted its negative influence on the sponsors too: “Needless to mention that the reputation of the sponsors grows with each victory, with each medal. If our athletes are deprived of their victories and medals, this lessens the value of sponsorship. We are deprived of our right to be the sponsors and partners of the Olympic champions and prize-winners.” This is an interesting, but pointless initiative, though.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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