US TV amuses people

The war in Afghanistan is over. This is the fact. Though, why is such confidence in this fact? You see, that is simple: if US television is preparing a new entertaining project, the US is all right in Afghanistan, and not only in Afghanistan. According to RBC information agency, ABC TV company is preparing so-called real-show about US military’s operations in different spots of the planet. The show will be called “Reports from Front Line.” It is being planned that Pentagon and US Department of Defense will actively participate in the project, while in the shooting Vice President Richard B.Cheney and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld will take part. According to the project’s producer Van Muenster, the film will be pro-military and pro-American. Of course… In general, American society likes different shows. That is reality. Moreover, Americans are real masters in it. Though one thing is odd: why do they try to get a profit out of other people’s suffering? A naiv question: even a Russian proverb sounds, money has no smell. For example, they carried tourists to the air-bases of NATO’s aircraft that had bombed Yugoslavia. So, why not to show the heroic commandos? The project perfectly goes into “doctrine of information war” as if worked out by Pentagon and aimed at supporting of US positive image. The military institution does not denies this idea’s existence. The ABC project could become a pilot balloon, even if the TV company’s leadership has not planned it. So, US propagandistic machine is working in full might. Though the project will very probably not be restricted to 13 series. And US TV viewers will have a nice entertainment travel to the world of “good and bad guys.” Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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