Columbia: the truth

As the oligarchic government of Andres Pestrana, at the beck and call of the imperialistic USA, unilaterally breaks off the peace talks with FARC and invades the demilitarised zone, FARC explains the real situation in Columbia to Pravda.Ru.

FARC- Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia. Derided by the USA as a bunch of drugs traffickers and terrorists (since September 11th), victimised by the oligarchic fascist government of Columbia, FARC is in fact a political organisation forced to take up arms due to the policy of extermination undertaken by the oligarchic regime in Bogota, supported and stimulated by the USA.

The truth could not be further from the international demonising of FARC, a reflex defensive action, a front put up by those forces which wish to interfere in Columbia’s internal affairs and to capture its wealth. For those who are not aware, there is oil in eastern Columbia.

Three days before the supposed “kidnapping” of a Columbian government Senator, Pravda.Ru received a communication from a contact connected to the FARC chain of command, stating that the Columbian government was about to launch an offensive against FARC controlled positions, at the instigation of the United States of America. An aircraft in which a senator was travelling was indeed forced down, the other passengers being released, and the senator was taken hostage to use as a bargaining token to release FARC prisoners being tortured in Columbian government jails. This however was only after FARC received notification of the impending government offensive, which took place on Thursday 21st February.

Backed and armed by the USA, Columbian military aircraft bombed and strafed FARC positions, killing many innocent civilians. The USA’s global offensive spreads to Columbia. Next stop Iraq? Iran? Anywhere there is oil. FARC is a stable, strong organisation which counts on a broad support base from the Columbian people. FARC is not a faction or an extremist terrorist group. It is a credible alternative for the government of Columbia, hijacked for so long by a restricted oligarchy (as so often in Latin America) and controlled by Washington, the puppet-masters.

FARC is simply fighting for the rights of the oppressed population of Columbia. Three decades ago, US forces and Columbian army elements began a bloodthirsty fight against innocent Columbian civilians. The USA covertly backed the AUN, fascist paramilitaries, who have murdered and tortured thousands of civilians in recent years.

FARC was formed as a response of the oppressed against the oppressors. FARC is not a terrorist organisation, FARC is a political movement for social justice in Columbia, forced into taking military action to protect the unprotected against the axis of evil, namely the United States of America and the oligarchic minority elements in Latin American governments.

FARC is proud to follow the Marxist-Leninist line, so successful in Cuba, where the education policy has been proved to be the best in the Americas by a UN study, where the public health system is acclaimed worldwide as being an example of excellence, where the government fights to find ways to provide aid for Less Developed Countries, despite the unilateral blockade imposed by the USA, a blockade which extends to all US multinationals around the world.

Through these companies, controlled by the laws imposed by the US Congress, Washington’s policies are imposed, its politics enforced through all multinationals worldwide whose Head office is in the USA. They cannot trade with Cuba. They cannot enter into contact with any companies from countries on the US Congress growing blacklist.

The United States of America has given the government of Andres Pestrana the go-ahead to launch its imperialistic policies in South America. First, southern Columbia. Second, Amazonia, with its vast resources. Nest stop…Brazil. Watch this space.


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