Guerrillas and judges of the Middle East

The Israeli helicopters hit several targets on the Palestinian territories on Thursday morning. Ariel Sharon kept his promise, having declared that any action of the Palestinian guerrillas against the Israeli citizens would lead to incommensurably more powerful attack in return. The Arabs will allegedly have to give away ten of their lives, if they kill one Israeli person. This tactics is not new, the same things were happening during the times of the World War II, but back in those days there were the whole settlements and villages burnt together with its residents. The current war in the Middle East is not getting down to that level, but nevertheless, it is not getting more humane.

Israel does not seem to be ready for the new warfare, like the Palestinians have it. So there is only one way out - to destroy the whole quarters and to set up the so-called zone of alienation, or the buffer zone. This is not likely to stop the Palestinians, though.

The ambitions of both leaders drove their nations in the dead end. The majority of both the Palestinians and the Israelis do not want even hear about the peace negotiations, they all insist on the war, until somebody wins. The result of that is the mutual self-destruction. The eyes of the people, in which the hunger for revenge burns, is like a drug for the Palestine's and Israel’s leaders. This drug intoxicates them with insanity, creating the illusion of invincibility in this war.

The whole world moans and groans on television, clenching the fists, threatening this or that participant of the conflict. There is an impression that the audience is experiencing a strong lack of extravaganza, craving for another dose of adrenaline.

Let us get back to the conflict itself, though. Seventeen Palestinians were killed Wednesday as a result of the attacks from the armed forces of Israel. This was made in return to the assaults from Palestine. On Monday the Palestinian gunmen attacked the Israeli post on the West Bank, killing six soldiers. The Israeli forces killed four Palestinians and wounded 33. Thus, the number of the Palestinians, killed during the day, made up over 20 people.

France Presse news agency reported that the Israeli troops blew up a radio and television transmitting center in the eastern part of Gaza. The world community is searching for a way to make the conflicting parties negotiate, while Israel is applying the new plan of actions, which was approved by the Israeli government. The UN Security Council is being quite so far, like a rabbit in front of a boa. It is not going to do anything, until the USA gives its approval to that, the Americans are sustaining a pause, playing the part of the exterior arbitrator. The criminal passivity of the UN Security Council raises suspicion. The Palestinian administration urged to summon a session of the council for the discussion of the new outbreak of violence in the Middle East. It was informed from New York that the Security Council would conduct the talks, devoted to the situation in the region on Thursday.

There has been a lot of critics of the UN’s activity lately, since there has not been any conflict regulated over the recent years, except for the one in Sierra-Leone. There is an impression that the UN military contingent can only start a war, but is totally unable to finish up with it.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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