Abraham Lincoln and George Bush left behind Ronald Reigan

The poll carried out by ABC TV company showed that Americans regard now Abraham Lincoln the greatest US President. He was chosen by 20 percent of the poll’s participants, while John K.Kennedy was supported by only 14 percent of the people, and George Bush – by 13 percent. The number of votes supporting one or another president is not a constant. Last year, that was Ronald Reigan who was chosen the greatest leader of the US by the poll’s participants. At that time, he gathered 18 percent of the votes, while Kennedy – 16, and Lincoln 14. In this year’s sociological survey, Reigan, Clinton and Roosevelt gathered 8 percent each, while George Bush managed to leave behind Reigan even in the poll carried out among the Republican Party members. Democrats participating in the poll this year preferred Kennedy and Lincoln, while republicans – Bush, Lincoln and Reigan. Though Abraham Lincoln “won a victory” in the poll carried out among non-party people. White men “voted” in the poll mainly for Abraham Lincoln, while Afro-Americans consider Bill Clinton to be the greatest US President. Roosevelt is the most popular among people over 65.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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