Iraq: We will defend ourselves!

Iraq responds to the growing hostility by Washington by defiantly stating that it has the means to defend itself against any aggression.

The official Iraqi daily newspaper, Al-Iraq, has issued a declaration against what it calls the “administration of evil” (the administration led by George W. Bush). Answering the repeating insinuation by Washington that Iraq will be attacked, the message states: “Iraq has high capacities to defend itself”.

“Besides the obstinacy of the administration of evil finding pretexts (to attack Iraq) while its daily aggression from the air continues, while it steals our money and blockades our country, we are able to defend ourselves”.

The message continues: “The world has already denounced the base nature of the American game”, alluding to the ever more numerous statements of opinion against any such aggression by Washington against Iraq.

The point is, that while Saddam Hussein is in power, the United States of America cannot get its hands on Iraq’s vast oil reserves. The discourse about freedom and democracy wears thin. Women in Iraq have the best professional conditions in the Arab world, indeed it was Saddam Hussein who gave women the vote upon coming to power.

Saudi Arabia, the USA’s lackeys in the region, has a deplorable record for political openness, a country where the leaders are all members of the royal family or royal circle. Certainly regimes openly supported, trained, financed and armed by Washington in South America were fascist and repressive, totalitarian and oligarchic.

Washington’s rhetoric smacks of hypocrisy. Washington’s motives are greed for power. Washington’s methods are to invent a tissue of lies to stimulate a policy of demonology which is easily swallowed by its semi-literate population.


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