America is working on its image

American President George Bush made the decision to set up a special structure in the American administration, which will be devoted to foreign political propaganda to fight against the anti-American struggle over the entire world. The New York Times informed that the new structure will coordinate the public statements from the State Department, the Department of Defense, and other organizations such as the Voice of America. This will be done in order to help foreign correspondents in Washington, foreign leaders, and those who create the public opinion understand George Bush’s policy.

The goal of the new structure is to centralize the entire activity of the USA government in the field of the public diplomacy abroad and to counteract “the growth of anti-American sentiments” in the world, as Washington believes.

“A considerable part of the world does not like America, and it will take us many years to alter those sentiments in their hearts and minds,” – a spokesman for the US administration said.

The Pentagon is elaborating their plans to present news, even false news, to foreign media outlets within the framework of the new efforts to exert influence on the public opinion and politicians both in friendly and unfriendly countries. Some Pentagon officials did not like these plans. They claim that such plans could undermine confidence in the information distributed by the American Defense Ministry’s PR officers.

It stands to reason that the Americans have been waging an information war against the their adversaries. Afghanistan is a very good example of this. It is needless to mention that the informational war into which humanity has entered is in need of the management of information. The war of the future, as people say, will be called not only the information war, but the war of knowledge.

The goal of the Afghan war is to bring the needed types of knowledge into mass perception. These types of knowledge determine the reaction of the mass perception of the war. That is why the informational element is becoming more and more relevant.

For example, the first words from America to other countries were: “You are either with us, or you support terrorists.” Any other variant vanished as a result even though there are other variants, since there have always been neutral countries during times of war.

Not only the Taliban, but also the common Afghanis are gaining access to the mass information, acting as the Taliban's adversaries. Therefore, the military operation is taking place not only for the sake of America's protection but also for the protection of the Afghanis themselves, which qualitatively alters the alignment of forces on the propaganda battlefield.

The analysts say that the White House and longtime Bush strategist Carl Rove is standing behind all of this. Carl Rove is 50 years of age; he was born on December 25, 1950, and he is the head of the office of the strategic initiatives of the White House. He has been working with George Bush since the time when Bush was nominated for the position of governor in November of 1993. The idea pertaining to the establishment of the fund to help the Afghan children originated from Carl Rove.

Rove is Bush’s friend, and wicked tongues like to gossip on how much money Rove received from carrying out this or that campaign (gubernatorial or presidential). Carl Rove is also called “President Rove,” since his influence on President Bush is huge. Time magazine wrote that Rove is Bush’s brains, for it is widely believed that brains are Bush’s weak point.

Th USA has a lot of money, but it has even more ambitions. Therefore, one may expect American expansion in all parts of the world.

The World Muslim League is setting up an international committee for information. This was stated by the secretary-general of the league, Abdullah Abdul Muhsin At-Turky. He said that the objective of the new structure will be the development of ways to distribute the Islamic point of view on the events of the world. The new organization will also counteract anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim propaganda in mass media.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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