Yulia Chepalova wins another gold medal for Russia

Russian skier Yulia Chepalova won the fifth gold medal for the Russian Olympic team on the twelfth day of the Olympic Games. Chepalova won the 1.5 kilometer sprint race, and her victory was very confident, as she did not leave a chance to her competitors. Chepalova was the leader during the whole distance of the race. German Evi Sachenbacher won the silver medal, and the bronze was taken by Norwegian Anita Moen.

However, according to the “tradition” of the Winter Olympics in America, the victory of the Russian skier was not recognized. Protests were submitted against after the completion of the sprint races by both male and female skiers. It was said that the athletes had allegedly changed the ski-track improperly. For the time being, it is not known who submitted the complaints, as the organizers of the Olympics did not advise anything on the subject. It seems like they are going to reduce to nothing all the efforts of the protesters pertaining to the repeated consideration of the results of these and other competitions in Salt Lake.

Speaking about Yulia Chepalova, it should be mentioned here that she was the youngest Olympic champion ever in Nagano, 1998. Chepalova won the 30-kilometer cross-country race among women. Chepalova’s mother is a cook for the Russian team, and her father is one of her coaches.

Speaking about Russia’s achievements in the current Olympics, Russia holds the fourth place at the moment with five gold medals. The American athletes have six. Germany takes the second place (eight gold medals), and the Norwegian team is the winner so far with nine gold medals.

The deputies of the Russian parliament are considering the draft of the decree about the address from the Russian parliament to the chairman of the Russian State Committee for Sports, Pavel Rozhkov and to the president of the Russian Olympic Committee, Leonid Tyagachev. The document was reportedly prepared by Sergey Shishkarev, a member of the association “People’s Deputy.”

The subject of the document is the discriminating policy against Russian athletes at the international Olympic competitions. In particular, the deputies called upon sports officials to pay attention to the unexampled decision to award the gold medals to the Canadian figure skaters, which undoubtedly called the victory of the Russian skaters into question. The deputies also mentioned the continued drug testing of the Russian biathlon athlete Pavel Rostovtsev as well as other facts. The goal of the document, as the deputies set it, is to protect the honor and dignity of both Russian athletes and Russia itself.

There are five days left before the end of the Winter Olympics.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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