I was given five years to live. Three years are behind me already.

Tatiana was telling the things which could deeply shock people. Someone will smile, someone will hear the story about the life after death, that really exists.

This amazing story has a very relevant detail: everything that Tatiana was saying about that time, wen she was in coma - what the doctors were doing with her, what they were talking about with each other – everything was real, it really happened in reality, although the “dead Tatiana” could not know a thing about it. It took her three years, before she made her story public. Of course, she was telling that before, but the people would not understand, and all of them thought Tatiana was crazy.

Before I died, I did not have any religious education, so I was spiritually not educated. Now it seems to me that the life that I had before I turned 40 was all in vain. The real life is the life that I have after my coma. I was born again three years ago. I used to think that one should take everything from life, now I think that each minute that you live is the treasure. I am a teacher by profession, I have always worked with kids. I got married when I was 29. My husband, his name is Sergey, is a widower, he had a little daughter, who I was raising for several years. When I had my own child, I quit my job and was staying at home. The children were sick very often and I was taking care of them all the time. When Sergey’s first wife died of blood cancer, her parents immigrated to Canada and wanted to take their granddaughter with them. They made it happen so that Sergey’s first daughter remained to live in Canada.

We got back home and something weird started happening to me: one illness after another, At that time of my life I joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses sect – a woman was visiting me for six months “enlightening” me. Three years ago I fell ill with a very serious disease. The doctors were careless about me at the hospital and the sickness progressed a lot. They did not cut the gall-bladder, when it was needed to, my pancreas burst. I was dying, I was very weak, only the medicine-droppers were keeping me alive. One moment I wanted so much to see a priest, I felt like my soul was calling. There was a priest, who often came to the hospital, where I was, so it just so happened that he came right at that moment, when I wanted to see him. The priest visited me and gave me the communion. I think I was not aware of the thought that I was getting ready to make my way to another world. I do not remember what happened after that, I lost my conscience.

A moment passed by, and I suddenly feel that I was rising somewhere up and there was a voice: “Well, so do you believe in God now?” A voice of a young man was asking me that, although I was not seeing anything and was not feeling my body at all. Someone said to me: “You are dead, you have just died! Look at your surgeon, who was operating you, look at him from above, what he is doing to you!”

I looked down and I saw the operating table was covered with blood all over the place. “It’s no use. You are dead,” – the voice was telling me. And then I was horrified, I was incredibly horrified. But I was feeling ok, as if I was healthy, my mind was clear, I was absolutely fine. At the same time I could not feel my body. I had the self-consciousness left, as well as the great fear, the crazy fear of the idea of being dead. What is going to happen to me now?

The voice was saying: “Look! They are cutting you down there! This surgeon is from Satan. He killed you, that’s all.” “What?” – was my answer to that, but I said that without opening my mouth, I was just thinking, but the voice was telling me: “They are taking you to the morgue now, to freeze you.” It gave me the shivers all over.” What? I will be there in a freezer? It was like in a horror movie.

My husband brought the doctors from the Surgery Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences to take me to the institute for more efficient treatment. But it was too late. “She died five minutes ago! Do you want to take the dead body over there?” – the doctors from my hospital were saying. Nevertheless, they took me to the emergency machine. The voice from nowhere started talking again: “Ok, they are doing something else with you, it was not expected. They are not taking you to a morgue, I do not know, what they want to do with you.” I do not remember, what happened to me afterwards, I was most likely connected to some medical devices again. Something totally new was starting over again. I was living there a whole life, and was thinking about it for six months afterwards, non-stop.

I found myself in the tunnels, filled with light. I did not see that someone, who was talking to me. I was flying somewhere, repeating one thing over and over again: “God, save me, God, save me.” I suddenly realized that I never said that before, when I was alive. I never said a prayer! The answer to my prayers was “no.” “God, save me.” – “No.” That was horrible, I was not going to be forgiven.

My soul showed me everything, for which I could not be forgiven. My mind was totally open. I started making some excuses, that I confessed my sins and things like that. But then I realized that my guardian angel was taking care of me. I was communicating to God with the help of my angel. The angel was telling me: “I will now start asking.” At first I did not understand, where that voice was coming from, but then I realized it. No one was telling me about it before – it was my own discovery. “No, he does not forgive you. I will now ask again,” – said the voice.

So I was flying along those tunnels, remembering my life, my relatives, who died, I could not see them, but I could see they were close. The angel then told me: “Here is your grandmother Katya., your uncle is also here to see you.” All of a sudden I saw a room and saw my husband’s fist wife, who was dying. I did not know her at all. But when I married Sergey, she often came to me in my dreams, wearing a white dress, saying: “Who is going to take care of him now? Me, or you?” And now I was watching the last moments of her life, how she was dying.

My guardian angel was talking to me again. He was telling me the things, which were happening with my dead body. He told me that I was placed in the emergency department of the Surgery Institute, connected me to a lot of pipes. Those two lives were happening at one and the same time. I was told: “ You are now lying in the room, the doctors are doing some horrible things to you. It is 1 a.m. now. Pray to God the hardest you can! One of the assistants, who works here, takes drugs at night. He can do something wrong and you will choke, he is very inattentive. He is coming in now. Pray!

I pray the best I can. The door is opening indeed. I can hear everything very well. I can hear some voices talking, but I do not see anything. Then someone screamed: “What are you doing, you are gonna be fired! You almost killed this woman!” That was another nurse that came in. That assistant did something wrong to me indeed, the nurse told him: “Quite! Otherwise you’ll be fired!” The guardian angel was telling me a lot of things about the doctors and nurses, who were coming to me, like this nurse would not live long, she is a bad person, that nurse was pregnant and would soon have a baby, this girl was very good, God would give a long life to her.

I was asking God all the time, if I was going to be forgiven, if I was going to be allowed to live more. I had a hope that this would happen, I think the angel was giving me that hope, that I would be back. One fine moment I suddenly saw myself in Lenin’s tomb, I was flying above him. And you know what? I was talking to Vladimir Lenin! He was asking me desperately: “Tell them, tell them for God’s sake to bury me! I can not suffer like that anymore. I am executed, I am tormented, what are they doing to me! I want to be buried!” I was listening to him and thinking: “What am I doing here in the tomb? “ I was feeling that horrible smell, that cold, and he kept asking me.

I then started flying along those tunnels, but so quickly, it was breathtaking! The roller coaster paled in comparison. The angel was telling me all the time that my mother was praying for me, that she was a holy woman.

I was flying somewhere, up along the tunnel and soon I found myself in a huge hall, lit with the steel light, it was a very long hall. I flew in some door and stopped suddenly. GOD was the only word in my mind. A nice-looking young man was sitting on the throne, wearing the silvery clothes. He looked like he was 30 or 35 years old. His face was incredibly beautiful, I can not say how beautiful his look was – it was so pure, so spiritual, full of love and reason.

Of course, I have seen the way how the people portray God on icons, but he was totally different here. Someone told me: “This is God.” And that was all. He only looked at me once, and I looked at him and then I rushed down the tunnel so fast! My angel told me: “Tanya, be courageous, I can not go further with you! There is the place, where the bad angels are!” I did not know, who the bad angels were.

I was flying down quicker than a ray of light, I thought I was on my way to hell. I was so horrified, I closed my eyes and started asking for forgiveness again. I flew in another room, dark, purple-red room. There was a man sitting in there – dark-haired, but he was not ugly. He said hello to me in an ironical manner, I looked at the man and then all of a sudden someone took me out of that all. I was so happy! I feared so much that I would stay in that room forever.

The angel was telling me that sometimes: “Your husband’s first wife wants to see you. She is trying to meet you and tell you something important. But the bad angels do not let her do it.” That woman was a Jew, I did not know, what she was talking to me about, the bad angels did not let her, and we never met.

My lungs were connected to some respiratory system, and I was coming out of myself to wander around, my soul was flying out together with the air. So I was walking along that pipe – in and out with my each inhale and exhale, for so long. It was a torture. I was begging for it to be over, but my angel told me that it was not going to end soon. He added that the God would release me in the end. I was very grateful, I was ready to be tortured as long as it would be needed, just to get back to Earth. Then I was told: “You will return, but only for five years. In five years you will return to the hospital and wait again.” I was very happy about it. At least I would have some time to redeem my fault and to put my relatives on the right track.

One fine moment I suddenly realized that I was lying on the bed in the emergency department, I saw the doctors around me. I was coming back to life. I saw a doctor bending over me. The angel told me one day before that: “You must pray for your doctors every day, bring them presents.” So I started thinking, what I could give them in return. I recollected that I had two valuable things: a diamond ring and a mink coat. And I gestured to give me a piece of paper and a pen. I failed to write them a message and lost my conscience again.

When I recovered a bit, my husband asked me, if I knew, how long I was in the coma. He told me it was twelve days, which was unique. He said they even stopped hoping. And I answered him: “Sergey, God allowed me that, I heard what the doctors were saying, and I knew what would happen to me, what they were going to do with me. And you think that I was unconscious here.” He, of course, looked at me in a very strange way. I then realized that I should not have told him that. The doctors told Sergey that I would not recover completely, since I was saying weird things to them all the time. The first words that I said, when I came to my senses, were: “God exists.” The surgeons were atheists, but those nurses, who believed in God, realized that I was speaking the truth, because I came back from there.

After I returned home, I started going to the churches, reading the books on religion, I started feeling better, I stopped being sick. The angel was telling me, when I was in another world, that I should go to the convent. I did not like the idea, I was protesting, I said that I had a daughter, that I wanted to take care of her. The angel was persistent, he was telling me I must go to the convent, because it was the only way for me to save myself. I finally agreed, but that answer of mine was not sincere, so it was not accepted. The angel said later that I could not go there, but he told me to go to the churches and visit the holy places.

Three years have already passed by. Time is flying so fast! I was given the period of five years, to realize my life and become a better person. My husband did not believe in God, he was an atheist, but now we go to visit the holy places together.”

Prepared by Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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