“We don't need peoples like you in the olympics”

From Canada. You can't win a gold medal with honnor, you have to steal it.? Too bad for you, this time you were denounced as thieves and judges fixers, It was too obvious that you were loosers. If you are not able to win a medal with hard work instead of stealling it, You should stay home. We don't need peoples like you in the olympics. Russia has tarnished the olympic spirit many times, it would be about time for you to stay home and play alone. You should talk in your editorial, about how the young gymnasts were put into pregnency and then aborted just before the game to increase their metabolism. And other horror stories that Russians are good at. You Russians have some really disgusting way to play fair. You did not deserve the gold for skating and you should be banned forever from the olympics so that the games would be fairer. We don't need your scams and mafia style olympic. Stay home and play by yourself. A Canadian Comment: To be honest, after so many accusations, I simply do not know what to answer to the Canadian pseudo-patriot… This reminds me of the statements made by Americans from time to time that they won a victory in World War II, while Russians only favoured them. It is clear that such opinion of our sportsmen was formed not today in the West, but long before Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and our figure skaters’ appearance. While the figure skaters’ victory was the cause to attack Russia with hasty accusations. We have probably really deserved it with our mildness and with too excessive “Olympic calm,” because recently we take such “compliments” as a norm (I mean our sport functionaries). Too often, our athletes had to demonstrate their Russian character and principles of the real “fair play.” I would like to know, what sources report about Russian “young gymnasts” who “were put into pregnency and then aborted just before the game to increase their metabolism”? If this had been true, International Olympic Committee would have neglect this fact. What would have the “Canadian” say, if the Canadian couple had occupied the first place, while the Russian figure skaters – the second one and had declared their protest? Would he then have protected them? And why such a stir set out around this case? Why? And could you, please, mention the facts of “scams and mafia style olympic”? The whole story of the Russian figure skaters’ victory was presented in PRAVDA.Ru articles. Though the letter of the “Canadian” excited with its bias. Is not it an echo of Russian ice-hockey players’ victory, who laid dawn National Hockey League’s players? This letter one more time confirms the old truth: the strong side is always right. And it has nothing to do with Olympic principles, if competition’s results could be any time reviewed.

Sergei Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

Read the original in Russian: http://www.pravda.ru/main/2002/02/18/37226.html

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Author`s name Editorial Team