Scuffle in Kiev court: judges and parliamentarians participating

A strange event took place yesterday in Pechersky Court of the city of Kiev. There was a conflict between judge Yelena Umnova and Supreme Rada deputy, the leader of Zakhist (Protection) ecological party Mikhail Gutsol. Soon the conflict grew into a scuffle. According to some information, Yelena Umnova was being supported by two more judges. The result is: ambulance drove away judge Umnova, while the deputy addressed to local police station with complaint he had been beaten by three judges. The kernel of the conflict is that earlier, Pechersky Court stopped action of decision of Rainbow and Green Ecologists parties’ congress about approval of party list for participation in parliament election in one-mandate election district. The court is considering the complaint of Ukrainian Green Party’s leader Sergei Dubas against Zakhist ecological party’s leader M.Gutsol. After the decision was red out by Y.Umnova, that could not satisfy the parliamentarian, he attacked the judge with cries: “Do not beat my!” Two other judges come in time to the secretary’s appeal for help. At once a scuffle started. The event happened in the sight of journalists who attained the sitting. Afterwards, the deputy wrote a complaint to the police calling himself judges’ victim. Mikhail Gutsol commented the situation in this way: “Today, the court took a decision to appeal against registration of Rainbow party block leaded by me. Afterwards I wanted to consort with Umnova. I repeat it one more time: I only wanted to consort with her. While she pushed me. Then she pushed me one more time, then her secretary did the same. Afterwards some young guys or about 25 years swooped down upon me. Could you say why they should beat me? Me, who is a lawyer, people’s deputy and secretary of Supreme Rada Commission on Human Rights? I ask you, why? I lost consciousness for half an hour. And when I came to myself, I went to the police to minute the fact of the beating. The incident was recorded on a video tape. Now, we are preparing an address to the President, to the Public Prosecutor General, to the Internal Minister, to the head of the Security Service, asking them to clear up the situation. I should very possibly be admitted to hospital.” Without doubt, the real reason of the event is the parliament election. Too many things are being staked by somebody. All possible ways are being used now – bribery, unlawful decisions of courts. Passions are boiling. It comes even to scuffles, in spite of ranks and posts.

Alexandr Gorobets PRAVDA.Ru Kiev Ukraine

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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