NATO war crimes in Yugoslavia

Slobodan Milosevic is on trial for crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. However, Pravda.Ru remembers the crimes perpetrated by NATO in its illegal campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999. We cite the “collateral damage” from just two months of this 73-day campaign.

5th April – Aleksicac, mining city. A precision weapon, a laser-guided bomb, kills 17 civilians as it misses its target, smashing into houses.

9th April – Pristina, Kosovo. Civilian houses destroyed with unconfirmed loss of life as a bombing misses its target, a communications centre.

12th April – Grdelicka Klisura. 55 civilians murdered by a NATO strafing attack on a bridge as a crowded passenger train was passing.

14th April – Djakovica, more civilian passenger trains bombed. 75 civilians murdered.

28th April – Surdulica, residential area bombed. Unconfirmed number of deaths, but huge losses of property. The victims are still waiting to be paid.

1st May – Luzane, Kosovo. Another bombing raid on a bridge as a passenger bus was crossing. 47 civilians were murdered in this attack.

7th May – Nis. In full daylight, the city centre, crowded with civilians carrying out their shopping, was strafed by NATO military aircraft. Unconfirmed number of deaths, damage to property severe. The victims have yet to receive compensation.

13th May – Korisa, Kosovo. An Albanian village is inexplicably targeted by NATO warplanes. 87 civilians murdered.

20th May – Precision bomb dropped on Belgrade strikes the Dragisa Misovic hospital in Dedinja, murdering patients.

21st May – Istok, Northern Kosovo. A prison is bombed, murdering at least 100 inmates.

22nd May – Kosare, Kosovo. NATO inexplicable bombs a UCK position on the Albanian border. Unconfirmed number of deaths.

30th May – Varvarin, another bridge strafed while civilians were crossing. Unconfirmed number of deaths.

31st May – Surdulica, sanatorium targeted. 20 senior citizens murdered.

31st May – Precision bombs launched at Novi Pazar murder 23 civilians as they destroy a residential area.

Carla del Ponte does Mr. Milosevic a favour by pursuing this case. It will give him the opportunity to open up many wounds and speak out, exposing some embarrassing new truths about how the international community handled the Balkans crisis.

As the ex-President of Yugoslavia pulls the punches, and the truth is revealed, Carla del Ponte will wonder why she ever launched her vindictive crusade against the Serbs.


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