Russian Muslims discussed their problems

The session of the Central spiritual department of Russia’s Muslims finished its work yesterday in the city of Ufa. The heads of the regional departments of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Latvia, Estonia took part in the discussion as well. One of the major objectives of the session was the elaboration of the efficient measures to put obstacles for extremism, and totalitarian sects on their way to Russia. The chairman of the Central department of the Russian Muslims, Talgat Tajutdin said that the contradiction of the associations, nations and civilizations was very dangerous, since it could result in a global conflict.

Islam.Ru reported that the following statement had been approved at the session: “There have been attempts made recently to make the followers of the traditional confessions of our country split. Such attempts are committed by those, who do not want to have peace, who do not realize the commands of the Creator. The activity of the irreconcilable radicals is aimed at the maximum destabilization of the situation in the whole Muslim world, to derange “Islam against terrorism” conference in Russia.

The session of the Central spiritual department of Russia’s Muslims stressed out Russia's role in the world as a country, which has been an example of the longstanding co-existence between different nations and groups. The activity of the extremists, who used Islam as a cover up, represented the additional arguments for the Western forces, which tried to extend the zone of the anti-terrorist operation to the maximum.

It should also be mentioned that there are certain countries in the Middle East and in Central Asia, which support the most radical Islamic movements. Needless to mention, to what extent these radical Muslim regimes are potentially dangerous.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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