Albert Gore finds out reasons of evil

Famous American media tycoon Ted Turner says, the Sept. 11 events in 2001 have been an act of despair, the terrorists who hi-jacked the planes have been called “brave but insane”. The media tycoon has compared the US President with Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

Ted Turner delivered a lecture on international relations at the Brown University. He used to study at the University, but was expelled for an unauthorized sharing of the room with his girl-friend. But 12 years ago the media tycoon finally got his diploma.

Ted Turner answered the questions of the audience as for the Sept.11 terror attacks, he told the acts had been caused by poverty. “Lots of people live under awful conditions, without any hope for a better life.”

The tycoon mentioned the 2000 presidential elections in the USA. “If we had a bit more votes, we would now have a president, who is especially concerned about the environment. But now our president is an “oilman” resembling Julius Caesar. Just exactly what we need,” said Turner.

Albert Gore himself is gradually getting back to the large-scale politics and often makes statements on chief political problems. And environmental problems are not ranked first in the statements. In Gore’s words, the Bush administration is intolerant and scornful to the allies in the Afghan campaign. Albert Gore thinks, military force only is not enough to win the anti-terror war. The ex-vice-president agreed that the notorious “axis of evil” really existed, but more problems besides terrorism were also urgent: poverty, illiteracy, environment, diseases, corruption and political pressure are among them.

Albert Gore thinks, the administration is to create “a drainage system to deflect the malice, nourishing the terrorism”. He says, now America has faced “manifestation of the rage sprung from under the deep layers of offense”. Millions of people share the offense.

It is obvious, the ex-vice-president is trying to find out the reasons of the hatred towards the USA from the third countries. Unlike him, George W.Bush is not taking up the incomprehension layers, but merely struggles against terrorism. Probably, that is what Ted Turner wanted to say: it is not enough to understand, it is necessary to act. Bush is in action, and the American people seem to be liking his policy. The US voters are probably thinking now, it is good that it is Bush who has won the elections, not Gore: Albert Gore may not be so resolute as Bush. But as soon as the first layers of terrorism are swept away, the further actions will have to be considered. But the Bush administration does not mention the reasons of the negative attitude towards the USA. It is not clear, whether the administration is thinking about the reasons at all. But Albert Gore thinks about them. Probably, when the top-priority tasks in the struggle with terrorism are settled, the US voters will reflect on the reasons of evil. They are probably to recollect Albert Gore then.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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