US singles out Iraq

The United States of America has singled out Iraq. There is no doubt whatsoever that if a concerted effort is not made by the international community, Iraq will be attacked, unilaterally, by the USA and the regime of President Saddam Hussein will be replaced by a regime friendly to Washington…and US oil interests.

Colin Powell recently told the Senate Budget Committee: “Regarding Iraq, for a long time, for several years, the policy of the government of the United States has been that a change in the regime is in the best interests of the region, the greatest interest for the Iraqi people” (sic).

Since George Bush defined the “axis of evil”, suspicions have been raised about the possibility of an attack, otherwise referred to in diplomatic circles for many months as being a question of when, not if. On this issue, Colin Powell said that “Regarding Iran and regarding North Korea, there is no plan to start a war against these countries” (sic). He did not mention Iraq in this exclusion policy.

It was revealed that President Bush will invite North Korea to dialogue without previous conditions on his forthcoming visit to Asia. Such will not be the case with Iraq. A member of the US administration, who requested to remain unnamed, stated that “Now we are not talking about whether we are going to get rid of Saddam Hussein. This discussion is over. Now we are speaking about how”.

It is known that the CIA has operatives in northern Iraq, among the Kurdish forces, training and supplying (an activity which the US does par excellence to destabilise regimes overseas). It is known that the USA plans to step up bombing raids in the exclusion zones in northern and southern Iraq, it is known that there are to be sabotage attacks and IT hacking raids all in an attempt to bring down the Iraqi regime.

For this reason, the United States of America, like its lackey Israel, is planning an act of international terrorism. Should such an attack take place, the moral high ground passes lock, stock and barrel to Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda organisation.

This is not speculation. The proof is in the communications between the directive of operations of the CIA and the Iraqi National Congress, a movement opposed to the government of Iraq, in exile.

These communications have been captured and stored and shall be revealed during the visit of Richard Cheney (Dick) to eleven countries in the Middle East in March, a visit in which it is predicted that (as usual) Mr. Cheney will not be listening to opinions but rather telling the regimes he comes into contact with of the decision to oust Saddam Hussein.

The legality of the issue, as usual with the recent external policy of the USA, is contained within an internal resolve to act to defend national issues unilaterally, without any regard whatsoever for the United Nations organisation, which is only invoked when the USA wants to use and manipulate this organisation (with a small “o”).

Another official of the administration, who also requested anonymity, arrogantly declared that “It will not be difficult to state that Iraq is a threat to international peace and security”.

The USA has decided to attack Iraq, again. This sounds like a declaration of war not only against Iraq, but against any other country in the world community which respects international law.


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