USA is ready to repulse Russia’s attack. Enemies are everywhere!

George Bush will go down in history, not as the fighter against terrorism, but as a master of aphorisms. His “axis of evil” is really something, and the American president’s aides are trying to catch up with their boss. Richard Clark, the president’s aide for technology issues, stated that the USA could start new military actions if the country is attacked by a certain country or terrorist group by means of the Internet. He said that the USA has the right to respond in any adequate way, with the use of the special operations or military actions, if the president makes such a decision.”

Traditionally, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea are on Clark’s list, as well as China, Russia, and several other countries.

Clark believes that specialists capable of waging an Internet war might try to gain access to American power-supply networks, air-transportation networks, and nuclear power plants. However, Richard Clark did not mention how such countries would be punished.

Iraqi hackers must be really "cool" if the American president’s aide paid attention to them. Seriously speaking, it is very surprising that the USA is so eager to find new enemies. What’s so bad about Russia and China? These two countries are supporting the USA’s anti-terrorist actions. Or if they disagree with an attack on Iraq, does this mean that these countries pose a potential threat to America?

There is a problem of terrorist attacks via the Internet, sure. This problem is especially actual for highly-developed states, the control systems of which are connected to the world wide web. What can be said about the security of those systems if the Americans are afraid of hacking attacks from such countries as North Korea and Iran, where the computer field is poorly developed? What if someone in America does such a thing? The American top officials should be careful in their own statements, for it seems that the whole world will soon become America’s enemy.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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