German FM criticises US foreign policy

Joschka Fisher launched a scathing criticism of the US foreign policy on the eve of his visit to the Middle East on Tuesday.

On the eve of his visit to Egypt, Israel and the Palestine Authority, Joschka Fischer, the German Foreign Minister, criticised the United States on its Middle East policy, further evidence of a rift between the US and EU over this issue.

“A superpower cannot intend to decide alone about the peaceful future of a world with six thousand million inhabitants”, he declared in a interview with Die Welt.

Regarding the issue of the US manipulating the anti-terrorism campaign as a means to increase its political and stranglehold around the globe, Herr Fischer added: “Do not think for a minute that I support the anti-Americans, but bearing in mind the differences in size and weight, alliances should not be managed by the principle of survival. The international coalition cannot serve as a pretext to do what should not be done”.

Regarding the expression “axis of evil”, criticised as being excessive and inflammatory by other sources around the world, the German Foreign Minister stated “The expression ‘axis of evil’ does not make sense. Putting Iraq, Iran and North Korea in the same package will lead us nowhere”.

On the Middle East, Joschka Fischer was clear in his criticism of the current situation in which the democratically elected leader of the Palestine Authority is isolated and his movements restricted by the Irsaeli armed forces. “Nobody can admit that others should decide who is the legitimate representative. While Arafat is in office, nobody has the right to ignore him”.

Herr Fischer declared that now is the time for the Israelis and Palestinians to resume negotiations for a lasting peace. Upon arrival in Tel Aviv, Herr Fischer is to meet the British Foreign secretary, Jack Straw, who will brief him on the result of his Middle East tour.

It is evident that the European Union does not have a common policy on the Middle East, after its previous strategy was rejected by the USA, compromised as always with Israel.

That the entire world should be impotent regarding the creation of a solution to the Middle East crisis, sitting back while the United States directs, or not, the affairs of the region, and while the state of Israel performs acts of state terrorism, is a disgrace and a shame for international diplomacy.


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