New American cowboy song

Smokey Wilson wrote a song about the cowboy in the White House, being inspired by the actions of the American president against the terrorists. The country song is called “Cowboy in the White House.” Wilson thinks that being a cowboy does not only imply wearing the cowboy boots and hat; it is the mind-set. Bush “drew a line in the sand and would not be pushed past it." The terrorists made him draw that line, although the president was hunting for them. The name Bin Laden is not mentioned in the song, but he is the second character of the song after Bush. The lyrics of this unusual song say: “ You can hide in the mountains, you can hide in the caves, you can live like an animal and never see the day. You can do all the things that all you cowards do, but there's a cowboy coming after you.” And this cowboy lives in the White House.

Sixty-one year old Wilson wrote that little song after he had seen the reports about the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. It took him 15 minutes to write it. The song was recorded in one of the Texas studios and then played on the local radio stations.

Wilson considers Harry Truman, George Patton, Margaret Thatcher, and Golda Meir as other politician-cowboys: “They all faced challenges with strength and courage,” – he said. Both the songwriter and his fans hope so much that that cowboy in the White House will listen this song too.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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