The new acts of terror are possible in America

The captive prisoners of the Taliban movement and of the international Al-Qaeda terrorist organization at the Guantanamo bay stopped their vow of silence. The things that they told to FBI, were very shocking.

The gunmen said that the international terrorists were going to carry out a series of acts of terrorism in the USA during the coming days, maybe even today. Pursuant to the information, received by the American intelligence, the person named Fawaz Yahya Al Rabeei is preparing those acts of terror. This terrorist is a Yemen national, born in Saudi Arabia in 1979. Twelve people are helping him in the organization of the acts of terrorism, presumably the Saudi Arabia and Yemen nationals. There is no information, where exactly the terrorists are planning to perform the acts of terrorism. FBI admitted, the object of the attack could be located on the territory of the United States. It was said that the special services did not have the information about the terrorists’ intentions to carry out their plans in Salt Lake City.

This is the fourth warning of the kind from FBI over the recent months. The last warning against the possible coming terror attacks appeared in December, before the Christmas holidays. It was then prolonged, taking account of the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The deadline of this warning will officially come on March 11. There were separate documents issued, pertaining to the possible attacks on the certain objects on the American territory, for example, the nuclear power plants. We hope that the alert is false.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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