America is axis of evil for the Arab world

The American president is not really popular in the Arab world. George Bush has become an object for harsh criticism after his recent statement about the axis of evil. If Yasser Arafat is trying to do something to pacify the West, other Arab politicians and journalists are not afraid of saying something daring.

The Egyptian governmental newspaper Al-Ahram wrote that Bush used the same language in his State of the Union speech that Osama bin Laden used in his video messages. The editor of the Al-Quds newspaper published in London Abd Al-Bari Atvan went further and compared George Bush with Hitler. The editor wrote that Bush showed in his speech that he is craving for blood and is ready to declare war on half of the world in order to take revenge. The editor believes that Bush is willing to wage war against Iran and Iraq, because they have weapons of mass destruction, but Bush does not want to notice that Israel also has these kinds of weapons. Atvan said that Bush’s speech looked like one of Hitler’s. The threats to Iran and Iraq were like Hitler’s threats to Poland and Czech republic. The editor of the Arabic newspaper believes that one should do everything possible to put an end to Bush’s imprudence, otherwise the war that he is going to have will overshadow the World Wars.

Palestinian Alhayat Aljadeeda media outlets and the Voice of Palestine radio repeatedly called America the enemy of the Palestinian people after that "axis of evil" statement.

North Korea said America was the “devil’s empire.” The official Korean news agency stated that Bush used “the hypothetical threat against North Korea as the pretext for the considerable increase of military spending.”

The Soviet Union was also called the "evil empire" years ago. It seemed that such labels would never come into the picture again. However, it is becoming rather fashionable now for countries to exchange harsh words with each other like kids.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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