No more troubles with Gusinski and Berezovski

There will be no more troubles with Gusinski and Berezovski, at least in the field of mass media. As well as there will be no disorders with freedom of speech in the country. The Kremlin seems to cross out Gorbachev-Yeltsin epoch’s heritage and heirs. Yesterday, RF President’s aid Sergei Yastrzhembski said to journalists, that Gusinski and Berezovski used mass media “as instrument to achieve their political aims and as an instrument to blackmail the power.” Though they will no more get this instrument. As for further development of Russian media’s development, Yastrzhembski supposes “it is necessary to use all possible resources to create a maximally objective view on situation in Russia – without adorning or picking on everything.” Therefore, the field of mass media must be changed, through “transforming” the law currently in force… Now there is not doubt that the Kremlin does not intend to be cunning towards the two emigrants. Let us take for example the situation with Berezovski’s TV-6 channel, or the latest story with all-Russian channel NTV. Two days ago, it was reported that Gusinski’s shares of NTV company (which make 30 percent) and of other companies of his former media empire were being bought or would be bought. (Gusinski is even lucky, for the court could decide to seize these shares because of Media-Most NTV holding’s great debt. But here, Gusinski will probably be spared). As main buyer-ups, Gazprom-Media company’s director general Boris Jordan and a “Russian banker” are being mentioned. Most of analysts are inclined to think that is Mezhbank’s head, Sergei Pugachev. He is probably the main character in this bargain. Apropos, Pugachev originates from St Petersburg. He is supposed to belong to Putin’s closest surrounding.

Sergei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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