Outlawed foreign female refugees are subjected to sexual violence in the Netherlands

The foreign women, who were refused in obtaining the political shelter in the Netherlands, and waited for the repeated consideration of their files, are subjected to sexual violence. Men see that the women are desperate and helpless, many of them were forced to become outlawed. The criminals think that the women will not dare to go to the police in such a helpless situation.

The refugees’ organization Prime informed about that in the Hague, having given the examples: the brutal rape of the young Ethiopian woman and four other incidents like that over the recent two months. Prime is currently preparing the repeated consideration of the Ethiopian woman’s case at the Dutch court.

That Ethiopian refugee submitted an ad to the newspaper of free ads Via Via (with Prime’s consent) offering the housemaid’s services. When she was invited to an apartment, a citizen of the Hague raped her there.

The victim of the sexual crime went to police, she was totally devastated and was not eating anything, as one of the attendants of Prime said.

Prime believes that it does not go about the only one incident like that. “We have had five similar incidents over the recent two months. The criminals know that these women are totally unprotected and that they will not venture to go to the police,” – a spokesman said.

Those, who do not have any chances to lead the legal life in the Netherlands, often grip on any shot to improve their position. “Some of those women were thrown out in the streets, so they were forced to ask for the help of the strangers. What can be more pleasant to a woman than a man, who promises to protect her and take care of her? But horrible things happen, when such a woman is at his disposal.”

Prepared by Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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