Sergei Borisov: Kabul to be occupied by Turks?

According to the plan of the US ground operation in Afghanistan, Kabul will be occupied by Turkish Special Forces. “Debka” information service reports that the plan of the ground operation is ready. If George Bush does not change it for any reason, the ground operation will go according to the following. Most soldiers will be transported to the battle field by helicopters. The helicopters will take off from the deck of the Kitty Hock aircraft carrier, which is now in the Arabian Sea, near Pakistan. The task of these forces is to occupy the Afghan capital. They will be supported by additional troops, also transported by helicopters from Pakistan. According to the plan, not only American, but also Turkish Special Forces will be part of this group. The Turkish forces are to be an occupational force in Kabul. Americans seriously watch the Muslim world’s reaction to the events in Afghanistan. They probably suppose that the Turkish presence will not allow one to call the Afghan operation a “crusade." One more task of US ground forces is to suppress the opposition of forward groups of the Taliban blocking the advance of the Northern Alliance’s forces to the capital. That is a double task: on one hand, to pave the way to the capital for the Northern Alliance, on the other hand, not to admit them to the capital. Debka explains it in this way: Americans do not want the Northern Alliance’s tanks to appear in Kabul. The tanks are of Russian origin, so, according to Americans, the tank crews might be Russian as well. Though Russia did not confirm its assistance to the Northern Alliance to be of that kind. Moreover, the Debka information service stated that on September 23, during a telephone conversation, a kind of oral treaty has been concluded between Putin and Bush. According to this treaty, Washington confirms that Moscow can participate in forming theAfghan post-war government. At the same time, according to this treaty, Russian troops should not enter Kabul. One more group will arrive in Afghanistan from Tajikistan and will occupy border lines near to Kandagar and Jelalabad. The landing places are to be controlled by US Special Forces. Special task groups will gather reconnaissance information, fix targets of bombardments, and carry out battles with forward groups of “Afghan Arabs” directly under the command of bin Laden. Last week, families of the “Afghan Arabs” in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon got to know about their beloved ones’ deaths in Afghanistan. There is no information about US losses. According to some reports, the Afghan capital is to be partly controlled by American, British, and German task groups and Pakistan reconnaissance groups. The Taliban's forces will leave Kabul in two directions: toward the Northern Alliance’s troops and to the northeast. In Kabul, only separated groups of the Taliban will remain. They will maraud and mine streets. The troops leaving Kabul will intend to force their way to Gindukush. If they manage to accomplish this, they will have enough food to hold out for the whole winter. The day before the bombardments, mullah Omar instructed their commander not to give up if Americans drive them against the wall. According to the plan, the advanced groups of the coalition must disarm the Taliban, while other battle-worthy forces will force their way to Gindukush. Military specialists suppose the most dangerous thing - mountain battles – is yet to come. Though Osama bin Laden could any time open the second front in the Middle East, in Middle Asia, and in the Balkans, while launching a terror campaign in the USA. Bin Laden himself, Americans suppose, is going to leave Afghanistan. There are three spots in the world where terrorist number one could hide himself. Theu are Somali, Yemen. and Chechnya. Today, Osama seems to go by ambulance. It is not known whether or not it this good protection or not, especially taking into account the fact that Americans bombed so many peaceful targets. The US Special Services do not exclude the possibility that Osama bin Laden might manage to pass through the border or just to fly out, regardless of all the troubles of air travel. American politicians are more self-assured. There is a rumour in the Senate that bin Laden will be caught no later than the mid-November. However, all sources are united on one opinion: bin Laden is still in Afghanistan, moving from one cave to another. One or several women, aids, and body guards accompany him.

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