Russia brokers post-Taliban strategy

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has held talks in Duchanbe, Tajikstan, with the ex-President of Afghanistan and the leader of Tajikstan to discuss a post-Taliban scenario for Afghanistan.

Emomali Rajmonov of Tajikstan and ex-Afghan President Berhanuddin Rabbani met President Putin in Duchanbe to issue a final declaration on the formula to adopt for Afghanistan’s government after the removal of the Taliban, a foregone conclusion.

The final text of the document calls for a widely based ethnic coalition to share power in Afghanistan and the “unconditional fulfilment of the demands of the (international) coalition, including the handing over of those who planned and organized the 11th September attacks."

The declaration also called for the complete disarmament of all factions within Afghanistan. Berhanuddin Rabbani declared that his Northern Alliance forces were poised to strike at the Taliban and that any future government in Afghanistan would “not give any safe haven to terrorists."


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