China to assume greater protagonism on world stage

Chinese President Jiang Zemin declared at the APEC summit yesterday that China will play a more important role in regional and world economic cooperation.

At the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Conference) meeting in Shanghai, Jiang Zemin declared to the other leaders, including presidents Putin and Bush, that “China will play a more active role in economic and technical cooperation at a regional and world level." He declared that the main reasons why China is now in a position to make a greater impact are its “stability, growth, and progress."

Jiang Zemin also fuelled speculation that China is soon to be admitted to the World Trade Organisation, which has its next meeting in Doha, the capital of Qatar, in November, declaring that China will follow the rules of the WTO strictly. “China will strictly follow the rules recognized around the world and will perform open policies of trade and investment, which are transparent and based upon equality and will promote an openness in different directions in a variety of themes”, he stated.

The APEC meeting finished with a final document classified by the Chinese president as “concise, visionary, and not too specific." This was the first time in 12 years in which the APEC conference has issued a political statement. The point is that the Russian Federation, in Chechnya, and the PR China, in Xinjiang, also face “Islamic Fundamentalist”/criminal organisations.

Another important declaration was that the APEC countries, which include the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China and the USA, issued a joint declaration about a “world fight against terrorism." This document also requested that the United Nations organization play an increasing role in this struggle.


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