The US “hook” bin Laden from satellite. Though nothing will come of it

US reconnaissance has managed to determine bin Laden’s location by using materials of satellite observation of Afghan territory. Pentagon’s officials are sure that terrorist number one hides within an area of 900 square kilometers. This is being reported by Newsweek referring to military intelligence officials. According to them, this area is situated in a mountain region with caves and artificial underground tunnels, so bin Laden can easily escape. The military intelligence officials do say how this information will aid the plan of the ground and air operations in Afghanistan. At the same time, even the first part of the ground operation seems not to be completely successful. Last week, all TV viewers could see how heroic American Rangers captured a completely empty depot and a house that used to contain the headquarters of mullah Omar. All what remained from the headquarters were naked walls and three grenade cap discharges. At least, this is what could be seen on the TV screen. Already today, alarming news started to arrive from Afghanistan. The Taliban officials say they have found fragments of the US helicopter that crashed on Saturday over Kandagar. According to the Taliban, the fragments were found in the Baba-Sahib mountain region. There are traces of blood on these fragments. Earlier, the Tabliban reported that the helicopter had been downed by anti-aircraft weapons and in the crash, 25 American soldiers had been killed. However, this morning, as PRAVDA.Ru has already reported, 11 US commandos were taken prisoner by the Taliban in the city Mazar-i Sharif, in northern Afghanistan. The Pentagon has not yet confirmed this information.

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