Afghanistan: First contact – 20/25 US commandos killed

As the US Special Forces invade Afghanistan, the first direct combat has been waged between the two forces, the result being between 20 and 25 American soldiers killed, according to the Taliban.

Two days after a helicopter was downed, killing two US military personnel, the Taliban, quoted by Spanish daily El Mundo and the Portuguese radio station Radio Renascenca, claim to have shot down another military transportation helicopter. The victims are said to be between 20 and 25. This information is also confirmed by the satellite TV station Al-Jazeera.

Taliban sources state that the helicopter came from Pakistan and was shot down over Afghanistan territory. The Taliban cabinet has met and has decided on new measures to confront the invaders.

Behind the message expressed by the Taliban education minister “Our message to the Americans is, if they want to remain safe and sound, do not come to Afghanistan. The Afghans are ready and waiting to confront any attack against this country and the USA will suffer a very great number of victims if they decide to attack," is the decision to distribute mobile anti-aircraft equipment and rocket-launched grenades as the Taliban take to the mountains.

The military strategy adopted by Kandahar is thus the same as that which was used against the Soviet forces, which were comprised in their majority by soldiers from neighbouring states who lived in, and knew, the same type of terrain.

The reports of these casualties have not been confirmed or denied by the Pentagon to date.


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