Israeli Tourism Minister is killed Israel may stop looking back on U.S.A.

The assassination of the Israeli Minister for Tourism, Rehavam Zeevi cast doubt on setting up peace in the Middle East. The USA would like it a lot - to achieve the peace as soon as possible. In this case the States could not only concentrate on the war with Taliban, but also “settle down” the Muslims in other countries. That is why Israel was pressed on so much by the USA. At certain moment it seemed that Sharon was about to give up: he declared he was ready to establish peace with Palestine. That peace implied setting up the Palestinian state. But Zeevi was killed. The Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine took on responsibility for that murder. The administration of this organization claimed, they wanted to take revenge on the death of their Mustafa Zibri, who was killed by the Israeli military men in August. The Popular Front is based in Damascus and the Israeli believe, this organization would not have done that without Syria’s knowledge.

There are opinions that it was not only the revenge for Zibri. Some Israeli politicians think the goal of Zeevi’s assassination was to make Israel strike the headquarters of the Popular Front in the capital of Syria. This would provoke a large scale conflict in the Middle East. The American operation against Bin Laden would pale in comparison. The Americans would like to perform the anti-terrorist operation, without being detracted, without any new conflicts. There will be possibly new opinions set forth – as if Osama bin Laden was involved in assassinating the Israeli Minister for Tourism. The prime suspect is on the list of those, who will gain profit from the tense situation in Palestine.

The person who does not derive any profit at all from Minister’s death is Yasser Arafat. Maybe he got used to the idea that he had less enemies in Israel than in Palestine. It is not the first time – when the Israeli are trying to meet half-way - something unexpected happens. Israel again blames Arafat claiming he does not struggle with terrorism.

Israel considers the war with Palestine a part of the warfare, run by the USA with the international terrorism. Many people say that they have to wage this war looking over to the United States. After Zeevi is dead, the Israel may stop looking back.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: The coffin of slain Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Zeevi arrives at Mt. Herzel military cemetery in Jerusalem October 18, 2001

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