Viktor Ilyukhin: Georgian President is trying to save his persona

We interviewed the chairman of the Russian Committee for Security, the leader of the All-Russian public and political movement “In support of the army, defense industry and military science,” Viktor Ilyukhin.

Question: What is your opinion to the statement from Georgian President Shevardnadze about the Russian peacemakers to be changed by the U.N. peacemakers?

Answer: Shevardnadze’s position is like this: America, NATO, come to us and settle here under the disguise of the peacemaking forces.

Question: Shevardnadze’s positions within the country are not really strong, nevertheless he is setting up a conflict with Russia. What is your explanation to that?

Answer: Figuratively speaking, Shevardnadze pledged Georgia long ago. He has the biggest opposition both within the country and in Russia, in Moscow – among the Georgian diaspora first and foremost. They are bright, smart people, thinking about the future of Georgia. Shevardnadze is actually pushing the Georgian economy aside from Russia and carried the republic to the point of absurdity. The republic does not actually have any energy resources, it gets them because of Russia’s help. Shevardnadze is trying to refuse from the Russian help – the help, which is rendered to Georgia on rather delicate commercial conditions.

Question: Shevardnadze is not likely to remain the leader of the republic of Georgia after the presidential elections. Do you think he is a marionette in the hands of the United States?

Answer: Exactly. It is important for Americans we should leave Georgia so that they could come. Shevardnadze is solving his own personal problems, he gets an answer to the question where to be and with whom. It is a question of life – where he can be safe. Shevardnadze’s policy today is the policy with a goal to save his persona.

Question: What do you think Vladimir Putin’s reaction will be regarding such a demarche of the Georgian leader?

Answer: I think that Russia is not just an observer. Russia and Georgia have their interests, there is the Russian population in the republic, the peacemaking forces. I have to say we must protect both. I think there is such protection at present moment, the thing is – it has to be more efficient and solve all problems at once. Although, you can not solve all problems very quickly.

Question: Do you think Putin has to make a harsh statement and steady “the brother” down?

Answer: I do not believe Putin will find courage to slam his fist on the table and say: “This is the way it will be.” Putin will be forced to do it pursuant to the fact that Russia is losing a lot of its interests around itself. Russia is being gradually ousted from the political field. Putin has a certain amount of snobbism, he is very young, he has an aspiration to express himself, to leave something behind him in terms of history. Sometimes he is doing it lubberly, not decisively enough. I would offer Shevardnadze to collaborate more actively, when it comes to struggle with separatism. If he says that the United States must bomb terrorists and then offers his territories and army bases for bombing those terrorists, then there is a question coming up: “Shevardnadze, you have actually deployed terrorists in your own republic. What must Russia do on the analogy of your suggestion?”

We do not wish to do it now, we are not doing it, we do not want blood. Negotiations must take place, there should be some concessions made, but not at the expense of Abkhazia’a interests. We must find understanding and on other aspects.

Question: The connection of Georgia’s special services to the penetration of Gelayev’s gang on the territory of Abkhazia does not raise any doubts, but we would like to listen to your comment on the score.

Answer: You know, it is impossible for such a large military detachment to cross the border without being noticed. Moreover, the detachment moved along very narrow places - the ones that Georgia uses in its own economic and security interests. The military group was surely noticed, but there were no measures taken, nothing was found out on the matter. Of course there is only one idea in your mind – the Georgian administration let it happen.

Interviewed by Ilya Tarasov PRAVDA.Ru

Photo: President of the republic of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze

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