Saddam Hussein “ashamed” of the weakness of Arab nations

President Saddam Hussein of Iraq has denounced the position of fellow Arab nations regarding the US attack on Afghanistan and answers Washington with customary defiance. Israel looks on with preoccupation.

Before the US attack on Afghanistan was launched, Washington warned Baghdad to keep “calm” during the campaign, threatening to enlarge it to other fields if necessary. This was understood in Baghdad to be a clear sign that the USA is at least considering the possibility of continuing the Gulf War after the campaign in Afghanistan finishes.

Qusai, the youngest son and probable successor of the Iraqi president, declared that the Republican Guard crack force, which he leads, will defeat each and every enemy nation that wages war on Iraq, because unlike the other armed forces and Ba’ath activists, the Republican Guardsmen are prepared to die for their country, “to be martyrs."

Saddam Hussein claimed that he was “ashamed” of the weakness of the Arab nations in relation to the USA and answered with defiance to the words of Condoleeza Rice, US National Security Advisor, that “the war against terrorism is a far-reaching one," stating that Iraq was ready for any conflict. It will be remembered that Iraq was the only Arab nation that did not condemn the September 11th attacks, since to do so would have been “hypocrisy”, as Saddam Hussein claimed.

The tone of the Iraq/US relationship is certainly becoming more hostile, judging by the words of Ms. Rice in an interview to the Arab Satellite TV network Al-Jazeera: “Saddam Hussein and the weapons of mass destruction that he is trying to reconstruct worry the Americans

This will worry Israel more than any other country in the region. According to the Israeli Chief of Military Information, Amos Malka, “Saddam Hussein will attack Israel if he feels threatened by the United States."


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