Stephen Hawking: humanity is weak on one planet

The British physicist, Stephen Hawking, has declared that the human species will be vulnerable to extinction by the end of the third millennium if space travel is not approached with a perspective of the survival of humankind.

Stephen Hawking states that it is more probable that the human race will become extinct due to a virus, rather than a nuclear war, before the year 3,000.

The author of “A brief history of time” has decided to rewrite his book, with more illustrations and less text, highlighting the angle of biology, and not nuclear physics, as the future threat to the human race.

Stephen Hawking affirmed that genetic engineering can produce more in a small laboratory than nuclear weapons. The University of Cambridge professor states, “I do not believe that the human species will survive beyond the next one thousand years, unless it spreads through space”.

As far as this challenge is concerned, he believes that mankind will be able to produce a warp drive system which will enable spacecraft to travel at speeds which approach, or exceed, that of light, so as to escape the confinement of the solar system before the Sun explodes, 7.5 billion years hence.


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