Dmitry Litvinovich: business and war. America’s economic interests in Afghanistan

The horrible details of the tragedy of September 11 are slowly fading into the background. The first shock is gone, so now it is time to analyze the situation without emotions and hysterical yelling. America was not ready for such a large scale aggression. Why did it happen that way, and why did the American services failed to do anything to prevent that? Let us try to approach this problem from another angle.

What did America gain from that? Please do not think I am being cynical, but really, a lot of people are trying to answer this question. Let’s start with America itself after September 11. The holy of holies of the United States, the American pride, the Constitution is being revised. Any decisions made by the presidential administration, from assigning huge money for anti-terrorist struggle to revising the major law of the country, are quickly approved by the U.S. Senate and Congress. Could the Republicans even dream about this? The cleansing in the military departments – the scape goats – was also good for them. The new people that will replace them will not be connected with the previous administration.

Now, let’s switch from domestic politics to the economy. Everybody knows about the slowdown in the American economy, the media pays very much of their attention to this. During the entire decade, the economy was growing due to the fantastic growth of shares of the high-tech companies. The difference between the real cost and the exchange cost of shares sometimes reached 1000% and even more. The slowdown became noticeable in the middle of the 90s. Bush’s team had to inherit the economy, which could not be called the best in the world. There was a crisis approaching with all of its consequences: reduction of investments, bankruptcy of companies, and unemployment –America has not experienced these problems for several years.

The events of September 11 gave a new incentive for the development of the situation. There was a similar situation in the country years ago, after Pearl Harbor, when the American economy had to take a military turn. There were a lot of orders for producing military hardware, and the flow of direct investments increased. The war against international terrorism will last long. George W. Bush said this himself in one of his interviews. Therefore, America can cope with a technological spurt and leave the crisis behind.

America received the foreign policy dividend. The United States took on the responsibility for the military operation in Afghanistan, which showed the United States did not want to take the U.N.into account. America threatened Europe with the devaluation of the euro and dictated its oil policy to the Arab countries. Those who will try to deviate from this line will automatically be included on the list of the enemies, supposedly for their assistance rendered to terrorists. While performing operation "Infinite Justice," American troops have found themselves on the territory of the Central Asia, which was traditionally beeen considered to be in Russia’s sphere. One should not hope the Americans will leave from the region. America has its interests in Afghanistan as well. The geographic position of this country is rather profitable, which will allow one to set up control over the entire region. Wall Street can not be indifferent to the rich deposits of gas, oil, copper, and precious stones in this country. There is a price for blood and tears – America has proved that.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

AP photo: President Bush conducts an economic roundtable discussion with business leaders in Federal Hall in New York Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001

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