Andrei Lubenski: “Anti-Mafia” wants Kuzmuk to be imprisoned, nationalists search for a “Russian print”

The Supreme Rada of Ukraine has supported the inquiry issued by Grigori Omelchenko and Anatoli Yermak, members of “Anti-Mafia” deputy group. The inquiry addressed to the public prosecutor general of Ukraine is devoted to the necessity of instituting criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian Defence Ministry officials responsible for Russian Tu-154 airliner’s crash over Black Sea.

Earlier, officials of the Public Prosecutor General Office stated that the question about the institution of criminal proceedings could be considered only after receiving the final conclusions of the special commission. The deputies of the “Anti-Mafia” suppose that there is nothing more to expect. The parliament agreed with this position.

A week ago, on October 9, Ukrainian Defence Minister Alexandr Kuzmuk said that “the missile launched from anti-aircraft complex had fallen two minutes later into the sea.” Therefore, it could not have hit the airliner that fell into the sea “two minutes later, after the missile had fallen."

Ukrain's opposition mass media openly accuse the minister and the supreme leadership of the country of an intentional lie. Ukrainian supreme power one more time showed its dirtiness to the whole world," - ‘Resume’ weekly writes. – How could the world community be sure that the same would not be repeated tomorrow; that Kuzmuk’s anti-aircraft gunner would not aim at other international airliner. This minister’s missiles fly practically spontaneously. Besides, the Mr minister is a real master of lies."

“Grani” newspaper remembers a well-known statement of President Kuchma, who once said “I am not a politician, I am a missile specialist." So, there is a shocking Satanic symbol in the fact that before the whole world’s eyes, Ukraine disgraced itself namely in the “missile sphere." Does all this mean that the persons guilty of the airliner’s crash will be punished? Nothing of the kind. For the time being, even the possibility of the defence minister’s resignation is hazy. In Ukraine, which is de-facto a presidential republic, only Kuchma can place Kuzmuk on the retired list. Kuchma does not seem to be so sure of the necessity to sacrifice the faithful minister. On Tuesday, deputies of Ukrainian People’s Movement (Rukh) put forward an interesting proposal. According to them, the Russian special services are guilty. They could specially damage the mechanism of the missile’s self-destruct to down the airliner and for this reason, take control of Ukrainian air-defence. If so, the Ukrainian minister is not guilty. However, they do not possess any arguments except that Moscow is guilty of all Ukrainian troubles. Even such a crazy idea could be of use to save the military bosses. Not only the military. The forgotten Major Melnichenko suddenly gave a voice from over the ocean: he asked for immediate permission to arrive in the US to listen to some records made in Kuchma’s private office. Conversations of several Ukrainian officials, including Kuzmuk, had been recorded. Why so hastily? Because US Attorney General office demanded to present all the records for investigation in connexion with the terrorist acts of September 11. While the major suppose that the records contain a state secret. Therefore, the major asks Ukrainian functionaries to come and to listen to the records. The officials invited by the major do not seem to be hurrying to the US. At the same time, some of them are already wondering about what secrets are the question. Probably about selling armaments? Because Ukrainian missiles can not only fly, but be sold as well. Apropos, what does the Taliban use to fire? It looks like the main scandal is yet to come. Andrei Lubenski PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

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