Argentina: Right wing sweeps to victory in face of economic crisis

The right-wing Peronist party Partido Justicialista (Justice Party) has won the elections of Sunday 14th October for the Argentine Senate and Chamber of Deputies with an absolute majority.

The results of the elections were to be expected in view of the catastrophic economic situation of the majority of the country’s citizens. Argentina has an ever-growing rate of poverty, which defies logic given the enormous land/population ratio, with the richest soil in South America.

Once again, the governing class of a South American country has proved itself utterly unable to come to terms with the needs of the population, basically because it has become removed from the reality of the country. The more the poles part, the further the political and social distance between the parts.

The fact that a right-wing party has conquered an absolute majority in Argentina proves the desperation of the people, although 41% of the population voted with spoiled or void votes. The PJ (Peronist) will receive 39 of the 72 seats in the High Chamber against 25 of the Government Alliance (of President de la Rua).

In the Chamber of Deputies, the PJ will have 116 of the 257 members, 17 more than the last election. The Government Alliance lost 14 seats and will end up with 88.

The real challenge facing Argentina is how its economy will manage to survive the onslaught of the international credit vultures ready to tear its members apart.


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