Irina Malenko: What did Arafat and Blair talk about?

When Lenta.Ru assured its readers that Arafat and Blair agreed to neutralize Bin Laden, the Irish mass media reported, the subject of negotiations between the British and Palestinian leaders was absolutely different.

The Irish Times wrote that Blair offered to set up the Palestinian state for “correcting the injustice of the past.” Below is a short translation of the text, which has been published by the newspaper several hours ago.

“The injustice in the Middle East must be corrected by means of establishing a 'viable state for the Palestinians,' according to the British premier. This statement will increase pressure on Israeli Premier Sharon (who is currently under the intense international pressure) to start peace negotiations with Palestine. At the same time, Sharon is under pressure in his own country not to make concessions to the Palestinians…”

“The U.S.A. and Great Britain realize that there should be at least something settled in the long conflict between Palestine and Israel. This is necessary for maintaining the consensus against terrorism, which would include Arab and Muslim nations.”

Well, there can be a cynical conclusion made from what has been mentioned above. If the suicide terrorists performed their action being not happy about America’s pro-Israeli direction and about Israel’s brutal, racist attitude towards Palestine, then their actions seem to be yielding fruit.

It is very deplorable that those actions were needed to make the arrogant American administration see the light. However, we do not think that Yassir Arafat can go back home resting: the British administration is not recognized for keeping its words (there were occasions when Britain broke signed international treaties – Belfast Peace Treaty of 1998). Therefore, it is hard to take Blair’s words for granted.

Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

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