Irina Malenko: Conflicting data about 200 killed in Nigeria over anti-U.S. protests

The Dutch press reported today that about 200 Muslim people died in the town of Kano (north Nigeria) last weekend as a result of “brutal clash between the Muslim and Christian groups.”

The real reason for the death of all those people became their participation in a large anti-American demonstration, the Dutch media admitted that. The Nigerian Muslims were protesting America’s strikes on Afghanistan - their brotherly country. They were killed not by the Christian residents of the mixed area of the town, where it all happened – a police chief ordered to open fire on them.

Thus, despite all efforts taken by the western media to represent the events in Kano as “the inner-Nigerian ethnic conflict,” it is obvious that the incident in that African country, was similar to many other ones happening in the majority of developing countries, namely the growth of anti-American, anti-military sentiments.

How many people will die all over the world due to the blind American hatred? How many are there of those people, who do not have anything in common with the terror attack of September 11, but will have to give away their lives? It seems this amount will exceed the victims of terror in America.

Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

AP graphic: More than 200 people have been killed in two days of religious clashes in Nigeria triggered by protests against U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan, residents and community leaders said October 14, 2001

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