Soldiers of the second Chechen war reject psychotherapists’ help. They want to submachine-gun everybody

Specialists of regional centers of social and psychological rehabilitation for soldiers returning from “hot spots” have been confronted with serious troubles. Soldiers and officers who have recently returned from Chechnya more and more often refuse to visit psychotherapists and to receive social aid. To help former military members escape from the so-called post-traumatic syndrome, specialists organize different actions for luring them into the centers. There are not so many visitors in the section of medical and social rehabilitation “Mirotvorets," in Krasnoyarsk. In general, people who have returned from war often visit this center. They are mainly so-called Afghan soldiers and soldiers of the first Chechen war and their parents. However, soldiers of the second Chechen war are hardly seen here. Meanwhile, 100 percent of these people need urgent rehabilitation. In simple conversations with the specialists, some of them directly say that they with the greatest pleasure would submachine-gun everybody. Since recently, to render psychological and social assistance to such soldiers and officers, the specialists even have to organize actions for luring them into the centers: they visit the former militaries in their flats, arrange with military registration and enlistment offices about meeting with former soldiers, and even organize professional clinical examinations. “Mirotvorets” also uses one of these attracting things: it has its own dental surgery. The specialists say that it is not so easy to work with these soldiers in contrast to their predecessors. These guys do not go to a contact. Moreover, most of them constantly say they want to go to war again. According to psychologists’ observations, all the people who have returned from the Transcaucasian region could be divided into two groups. The first, by using earned money and military solidarity, co-operate with their friends and organize their own firms. The second, by using the same means, simply take to drink. Almost everybody who has returned from war starts to seriously go in for sports.

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