Secret Services: WTC attack forecast in March – Bin Laden has cruise missiles

Tapes released by the Italian anti-terrorist police show that the attack of the WTC was planned months in advance and that the intelligence services had access to this information. The same source reveals that Bin Laden has cruise missiles.

An eavesdropping operation by the Italian anti-terrorist police, reported by Pravda.Ru French correspondent Emilie Acquitaine on the 12th of October (Chemical attack planned for France), recorded telephone conversations between a cell of six Islamic terrorists in Milan, in which a chemical attack on France was planned. The six were arrested on Wednesday.

Among the recordings that indicate that an attack was being planned, are excerpts that reveal that the Italian secret services had access, on March 9th, to information such as: “Believe me, the sheikh is planning something. He has an objective, and he wants to realise it just like he has achieved all his desires. It is not a little thing."

The same conversations contained chilling declarations, such as “Europe is now in our hands” and “There’s total collaboration with the Iranians," an apparent reference to the Mujaheddin organization operating within Iran, but hostile to Teheran, and supportive of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Moreover, one of the terrorists declared that the US attacks on Bin Laden’s terrorist bases in 1998 were a failure, because “most of the weapons didn’t explode," including cruise missiles, which Bin Laden’s organization has apparently recovered, intact.

The puzzle is always easier to piece together after it is finished and when its components have taken shape. The sheer audacity of the September 11th attacks was its success, because they expanded the parameters of the human imagination. That 19 terrorists could board three passenger aircraft with such ease and fly them into their targets, when the operation was obviously planned months in advance, speaks volumes about the organization of Al-Qaeda and about the so-called intelligence services in the western world.


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