Horrific bombing accident in Afghanistan

Footage from cameramen invited by the Taliban authorities to the village of Ohorum show a powerful American bomb, unexploded, and a series of destroyed houses in what is obviously a civilian area.

The number of dead is said by the Taliban authorities to be “dozens." What is visible in the footage is part of a weapon, apparently a GBU-32 JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition), which carries an explosive rate of up to 2000 lb (910 kg), which can destroy an area in a range of around one kilometer.

Claims by some experts that the bomb was moved from another site were denied as ludicrous because anyone who knows this type of weapon would not stand within a mile of it.

The 800 km/h impact would certainly have caused damage to the fragile houses in this Afghani village. The residents who survived were lucky that it did not explode. While there are many who will argue that the kamikaze attacks on the USA on September 11th showed no scruples at all, the same measure cannot be used by military forces on civilians. This is the difference between terrorists and armies.


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