John Donna: September 11, 2001. World War III. Not since the 1940s has the difference between right and wrong been so clear and the need to defend freedom so great

To The Editor of Pravda:

September 11, 2001. World War III. Not since the 1940s has the difference between right and wrong been so clear and the need to defend freedom so great.

We, the free people of the West and Russia, the heirs of Greece and Rome, the children of the Renaissance and the Age of Reason, with our tradition of individual human rights and our political system of popular self-government, with our economic system of free and fair trade, with our society in which peace and order are balanced with individual liberty and both are safeguarded by the rule of law, must come together to fight for our families, our homes, our nations, and our civilization.

We must protect what we have built. We must make the West and Russia an impregnable fortress and seize this casus belli as our opportunity and justification to permanently pacify the planet. If the government of a nation-state oppresses its own people, that nation-state must be excluded from our assistance, from trading in the global economy, and from planetary unification. If that government attacks the West and Russia, or gives aid, comfort, or shelter to any individual or group who attacks us, if it commits genocide or wages aggressive war, that government must be removed from power, its leaders must be arrested and then indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced by the International Criminal Court, and that nation-state must be administered as occupied trust territory until any humanitarian crisis is ended, free elections are held, the economic and social infrastructure repaired, and civilization restored.

The West and Russia must be prepared for the long years ahead. World War III is unlike any conflict in history. The planetary outlaws who have attacked freedom and civilization will only stop coming when the last of their number have been incarcerated or exterminated. There is no capital we can conquer, no territory we can occupy, and declare that victory has been won. We must accept that we are involved in a clash between worldviews whcih can never be reconciled, a struggle that will last for generations and only end when planetary unification has been achieved. The victor will dominate the planet and control its dwindling resources. The worldview of the society and civilization which are the strongest will become the worldview of the planetary society and civilization of United Earth.

World War III must be waged on every level and the West must utilize every means at its disposal to attain final victory. We must win every military confrontation quickly and decisively through the overwhelming application of force. We must also realize that this war is a global economic, political, social, philosophical, and moral struggle which will not be decided by clash of arms alone. As we fight this war we must also fight the causes of war.

The integration of the European Union must be expanded and built upon. The West and the Russian Federation must embrace as allies, partners, equals, and friends as Russia is brought into the political, economic, and security structure of the West through immediate Russian membership in NATO and the European Union. A Constitutional Treaty of Unification must be negotiated between the United States of America, Canada, the European Union, and the Russian Federation and submitted to the people for approval. Through the creation of a hemispheric Union, with a single currency and free, open, and integrated economy, an elected executive, legislature, and judiciary, and common conventional and strategic defense forces, we must protect our people, we must strengthen our security, our economy, and our society, and we must attain victory in World War III.

The Union of the United States of America, Canada, the European Union, and the Russian Federation will be the nucleus of eventual planetary unification. Other nation-states should be welcome to petition for associate membership in what must evolve toward a true planetary union or Terran Federation. The billion people of the Union will be the greatest economic, technological, and military power in the history of the world. With conscious purpose, with steadfast determination, with vision, bravery, and hope we will win World War III, we will achieve planetary unification, and we will found a new planetary civilization upon the peace, order, and security of a new age. We will begin the world again. Only we are strong enough to do it. With our power comes powerful responsibility. Not only the survival of the West and Russia, but human survival depends upon it. World War III will end in planetary unification or planetary extinction.

Respectfully Submitted, John J. Donna

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