Military actions in Afghanistan entered the new stage

The number of casualties from the U.S. strike in Afghanistan reached 200 people. The American planes drop cluster bombs on the heads of the Talibs. There can be different opinions and points of view pertaining to that operation of “retribution,” but soon there will be nothing to bomb.

The Western media commented on the night air raids of the American and British aviation and named the following objects that were bombed: an airport, ammunition depot, Afghan anti-missile defense complex and some others. The poor data of the TV comments made by the western broadcasting companies can not deceive an attentive viewer. The Americans have not yet achieved those goals set at the first stage of the operation. That is why there was the information about the second ultimatum to the Taliban. But the deeds have been done already and the game can set on fire not only Afghanistan, but also the countries of the Central Asia.

Americans will not be able to solve all questions with one blazing blow. Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country, with a certain oriental specific character and coloring. The Afghani tribes have never had sympathy towards the Taliban, but the situation changed all of a sudden right after the beginning of the strike. The first bomb or missile that hit a target in Afghanistan put America in the category of aggressors. Warfare with Bin Laden and his terrorist organization al-Qaida and warfare with the whole nation is absolutely different. The information that the Afghan people destroy the American food cargo was a very good proof.

The world is looking forward to further events. Let us all wait. But what if the U.S. manages to seize Bin Laden? Will America continue the war? What will happen with Afghanistan and not only with Afghanistan?

AP photo: Residents of Kabul, Afghanistan walk over the rubble Saturday, Oct. 13, 2001 of 4 houses near the airport which were destroyed by alliance bombing Friday night

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