Ruslan Khasbulatov: Great American tragedy and what the world has to do to avoid the death of civilization. Part II

The crisis of the leadership

The philosophy an the spirit of mercenariness together with the liberal models inevitably brought short-sighted people to power, with the adequate mercenary philosophy and low moral principles. The public theoretic idea, aimed at fundamental analysis and comprehension of the results of development of the entire 20th century seems to be on a very low level nowadays.

The powerful “ charges of hatred ” from the lords of the world in the 70s and 90s were not subjected to serious discussion - connected with unreasonable use of the wonderful human potential, the colossal opportunities of which were aimed by the leaders of the 20th century at setting up the atmosphere of hostility between the nations, arms race, struggle for world predominance. Millions of people were involved in that, died in the civil war, of hunger and sickness. What can be said about “free market”, “liberalization” in this situation? The “civilized world” seems to have gone mad imposing its stereotypes where they could not settle down. It just resulted in the growth of huge corruption, explosive expansion of poverty, degradation of countries and nations on all continents. The monstrous primitiveness in ideological interpretations of very complicated realistic things of the modern world civilization is a typical feature of the latest decade of the past 20th century.

What is most sad about that all is that the distribution of the primitive ideas was supported by those, who were considered to be the leaders of the world community. We will not go into discussion of those leaders, but they probably conformed to the era of reigning hucksters, who gained their entry to the world power. Their will and actions moved the world towards the global collapse, and they did not seem to have any notion of that.

They were not aware of the forthcoming crisis. They are all smothered in paltry advisors, aids, specialists in the field of “political technologies,” the major goal of which is to make the miserable people vote their way. They do not even imagine that the situation has changed. “Their way” will not be anymore.

The broken balance

The world today is like a ship with a big hole in the hull. The world balance has been broken – this process was developing during the entire 20th century and was accelerated during the time of the global contradiction between the 2 superpowers.

One of the major acceleration factor was the break-up of the USSR, the destruction of the world balance got more speed. This process is developing on the most relevant fields of the world community – economic, social, political and what’s most important – ecological field.

The huge corporations are making their huge offensive on the Nature, the world is getting closer to the global catastrophe – without any world wars or terrorist operations. All international restrictions, which were aimed at establishing harmony between Man and Nature collapsed, because the leading powers of the world exploit the resources of poor countries, they are not interested in justice, reasonable consumption and equal distribution of the world product.

The rubble of the World Trade Center towers was symbolic to the illusions that the globalization processes could be suppressed and directed as the powerful and rich countries wished. All modern military and political doctrines, geostrategies now look like an illusion, no matter how important they were before September 11.

Noble Prize winner, the remarkable writer Ivo Andrich was writing about the “clouds of rage and anger” that united millions of those people who remembered about the bygone injustice and violence.” Their augmentation in the modern civilization leads to the growth of blizzard of hatred in the masses, which was just waiting for the moment. Has this time come? If yes, so what is the reason? Why don’t we think about this question?

Is our world fair?

The first question that has to be raised as the key one in connection with the great American tragedy is: “To what extent is our world fair? How do they distribute the human riches? May be there is an answer to the question connected with the measures against the international terrorism? Who, which countries use most of technological civilization advantages, providing their citizens with comfortable life? How come there are so few of such “happy” countries? How come ѕ of the population live below the poverty line? These questions can be given a rational answer: the citizens of happy countries can work productively, using the competitive advantages, leading technologies, industrial and administrative experience, and do long and so forth. But couldn’t those miserable people say the same? The trouble is that the “happy” countries are rich, their leaders and government deliberately keep other countries in poverty, they judge other nations and states, outlaw the whole countries and nations, bomb other countries without a second thought, introduce the economic blockade regimes, threaten with military interference, the list goes on and on. Who flooded the world with weapons? “The most civilized countries” are the center of the competition for deliveries of the up-to-date weapons to the Islamic countries. What is the goal of doing that? The weapons must be used, it should kill, so one may assume that the civilized countries would like those weapons to be used in the mutual wars between poor countries. This is what is happening now basically. But sometimes it happens that this weapon shoots in the countries, which it was supplied from. Most likely, it will shoot more and more in its own suppliers in the future, there are reasons for that.

Informational globalization

The informational globalization revealed the gigantic gap between a small part of prosperous societies and the growing part of the world’s population, which is deep down in poverty without even a chance for improvement. The poor people did not have any idea of good life in rich countries, so before the 60s years of the past century they were rather constrained about that gap.

In the beginning of the 60s, there was only 2% of the grown-up population in the developing countries (77% of the world) that traveled by plane once in their lifetime. About 3% of that part had TV sets, 5% - radio, 4% read newspapers. What were the needs of those 2 billion people? What was their attitude to other countries? What did they know about other countries at all? Nothing. That is why the attitude towards the West, to the Soviet Union was just worthless or there was no such attitude. Islam was not an obstacle for the West and vice versa, other religions of the poor countries did not have anything against the western civilization.

The situation has changed very quickly because of the powerful impact of the informational revolution. A TV set became a usual thing in each poor family. The poor for the first time in their life learnt what inequality, wealth, power, money was. The needs of the young vigorous people were growing very fast. The civilized world leading countries convince them via their television and movies - be brutal, immoral, don’t care about other people and their problems. What do those young people hear and see, when the media report about the “market activity” of the transnational corporations, banks, presidents, governments, officials? Theft, stealing, coup-d’etat, shooting parliaments just because of the apprehension to lose power. This power is cynical, irresponsible in front of the nations, those who have it are corrupted and immoral.

This is the source of anger, hatred, intolerance, aspiration of revenge to each and everyone, despair, which gave birth to tremendous crimes that can not be called otherwise but the Great American Tragedy.

To be continued.

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