Sergei Borisov: The new emigratory policy of the West

There were few doubts that acts of terrorism in the USA would make the governments of many countries re-consider their attitude towards the emigration process. However, the organization International Amnesty called the measures, that are currently being taken, “draconian.” There has just been a report released in which it was said that during the struggle with international terrorism the human rights, emigrants and refugees’ rights may be threatened.

The officials in their turn are making up excuses saying they are just bringing the functioning laws in order so as to guarantee safety for their citizens. It is not easy to live for the Muslim people now - not only in the States, but also in Europe. The Moroccans in Spain have never complained of the lack of interest evinced towards them by police. Now they are not given peace at all. The Moroccans complain the police officers show very much of their duty zeal and find faults in just everything. Spain is not glad about the inflow of illegal emigrants from Morocco. Police have recently arrested several illegal emigrants from al-Qaida – this added more fuel to the fire.

The British government advised on the new measures last week, which were supposed to assist in the struggle against the illegal emigration. Besides, the local courts will be entitled to detain terrorism-suspected people for an indefinite period of time, if they came from abroad. Those, who stand for human rights, are very concerned about these events. They believe, the government does not draw a line between those, who are connected with terrorism, and those, who are looking for political asylum.

Australia is changing its attitude to refugees as well. Those, who were refused to obtain the status of a refugee, can not ask to re-consider that decision at court. This will “liberate” the bureaucracy that will now be resolving “whom to execute and whom to mercy.”

It has not been long, when some countries wanted to help emigrants – to help those people, who were really in need of that. Now these plans may tumble down easily and quickly. Germany seems to shelve such plans. Who dares to deal with attraction of emigrants, while the most important current issue is to guarantee security? Germany now treats the Arab people more attentively after it turned out that 3 suspects of acts of terrorism in US lived in Hamburg.

International Amnesty stated in its report that the climate, which is now setting up in Europe is good for racism and xenophobia. It is ironic, but the Muslim people are falling indirect victims to the acts of terrorism carried out in the name of Islam. The West will not be like before – open for everyone from different countries.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: An Afghan boy carries a box of humanitarian aid past a soldier of the Northern Alliance in the refugee camp near the town of Dashti Kola, near the front line in northern Afghanistan, October 12, 2001

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