Duma States Its Position In Connection With Beginning Of Military Operation Against International Terrorists In Afghanistan

On Thursday the Duma deputies adopted as a basis the statement in connection with the beginning of the military operation against international terrorists in Afghanistan. The document was passed by a vote of 315-37, with one abstention. The document stresses that "the elimination of the threat of international terrorism is a priority task of the world community". However, the Russian parliament considers that any, including power, actions by states and international organizations against terrorists must be based on the principles and norms of international law and must not violate human rights and freedoms. In connection with this, the State Duma is expressing the hope that "the military operation started by the USA and Great Britain in Afghanistan will be limited to measures that are aimed exclusively at eliminating the seats of international terrorism". Otherwise, believe parliamentarians, "this operation may cause a serious destabilization of the situation throughout Central Asia". The Duma deputies are convinced that "the people of Afghanistan must not bear responsibility for the deeds of a group of terrorists and their patrons". Apart from this, the Russian parliamentarians are seriously concerned over the aggravation of the situation in the states bordering on Afghanistan. In their opinion, "there are forces that are striving to use the obtaining situation in their own interests". The State Duma deputies are calling on the parliamentarians and citizens, in particular, of all Muslim states, not to yield to the provocations staged by the leaders of international terrorists and do everything to prevent an outburst of emotions and extremist sentiments. The State Duma is expressing respect for all religious confessions and stating its readiness to do all it can to avert the threat of international terrorism.

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