Ruslan Khasbulatov: Great American tragedy and what the world has to do to avoid the death of civilization

Do we understand the reasons of the tragedy? Do we want to know them?

The tremendous attack on the symbol of the powerful America – its 110-storyed skyscrapers, raised a lot of sensual energy in the sleepy mind of the Humanity. This was basically human reaction to the tragedy – compassion to the victims and their relatives, it was a wish of practically all countries in the world to support the American society and citizens of the country, who suffered from that huge trouble. This honors the modern humanity.

The aspiration of the American people and its Government to find and punish the brutal barbarians of the XXI century is rather easy to understand. “Why was this crime possible to commit?” – this is the question that Americans ask to themselves and millions of people in the world echo it. There are many convincing answers to be found - the motives for the crime came from the authorities, from politicians and so on. These answers seem to be grounded – those who organized the terror attack must be found and punished. All democratic countries must create a coalition for that, to join their efforts and energy. It seems that these answers explain the necessity of retribution.


There is also another weird feeling – the feeling of the truth untold, the arguments are not convincing. The doubts are growing as well as the certitude that all the facts and explanations given are real, but as a matter of fact they do not expose he sense of what is actually going on and moreover – they take us away from knowing the Great crime and the Great tragedy.

If you watch carefully the TV appearances of different leaders and listen to their speeches, you have an impression that they are at a loss and what’s most important – they are far away from the deep analysis of the reasons that caused the Tragedy not as something accidental, but as logical appropriateness, which had to happen. Many people of different professions and of different social position demand there should be the punishment, they are not ashamed to use original language expressions.

“The XXI century started not on January 1 but on September 11,” – they say. “The Barbarian Islam attacked the enlightened and humanistic West,” – declare others, asking for severe penalty of all Muslim people in the world. There is also another point of view: “The new crusaders are preparing to attack Islam, they are trying to do the things, which failed to be done many ages ago by “old crusaders.”

The crisis of theory and practice of the international community was evident a decade ago, when the USSR collapsed. The break-up of the biggest country of the world resulted in enormous shifts of the system of global international relations. Is it USA’s turn now?

The things that happened with the USSR were not given the adequate political analysis – everything was cut just to a conclusion – the USSR collapsed due to incapacity to cope with its inner problem and so long and so forth. As far as the West is concerned – everything was subjected to hollow propaganda – like during the communist times: praising top officials, which came to power incidentally during those times, exalting market the all-mighty, the advantages of competition, the role of free mass media, which, as it turned out, were the only element of the ground of democracy – Great but fragile democracy.

There is a need in revolutionary changes in the whole world! There is a need in the new world leaders!

The American tragedy had everything – pain, compassion, sympathy, wish to assist, a lot of other noble feelings and aspirations. There were other things too – propaganda, lies, insinuation, rage. There was even commerce and cynicism, the invitation to the world to destroy the Chechen nation “together” with some awkward proof based on the primitive deduction like: “Bin Laden is a Muslim, the Chechen bandits are Muslims, so they are all one and they have to be killed.”

The common, general situation in the world is: civilization is on the edge of catastrophe. It is necessary to speed up the revolutionary changes in the world “from above” not waiting for them to happen “from below” driving the world in chaos. There is a strong need in decisive changes in everything, including the moral principles, having refused from the notorious motto “Politics is dirty”. Yes, it is dirty, if it is based on dishonest, dirty ideas. But it can become purer if laying the well-known universal moral principles in its base.

To be continued.

Ruslan Khasbulatov Especially for PRAVDA.Ru

Khasbulatov Ruslan Imranovich, professor of Plekhanov’s Academy of Sciences, the chairman of the USSR Supreme Council during 1991-1993

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