Russian plane was downed. It’s time that Ukraine admit it

The commission for investigation of the reasons of Tu-154 plane crash is continuing its work in the Russian resort city of Sochi (Black Sea coast). Vladimir Rushaylo, the secretary of the Russian Security Council joined the members of the commission today. Rushaylo was appointed by the Russian president to be the head of the investigation. Ryshaylo’s Ukrainian colleague Yevgeny Marchuk also joined him.

They have already visited the local airport (where the debris of the plane are collected) together with specialists, Russian, Israeli, and Ukrainian officials. The top visitors were read sensational conclusions. The conclusions were sensational, because it was officially declared for the first time, the plane was shot down.

This point of view was expressed a lot of times before, but no member of the commission made any comments on that score; they just all urged to wait until the probe is over.

It was stated today that the preliminary data showed that there was a lot of through-damage in the hull of the plane. The damage was caused by an external explosion of an object that was not within the Russian plane.

The head of the Russian Duma committee for international affairs, Dmitry Rogozin, called upon the president of Ukraine earlier to find the courage and admit that the Tu-154 airliner was downed above the Black Sea by Ukraine’s missile. If Ukraine admits that the last and then apologizes, when it is too late, then one thing will happen, which Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma is afraid of most. “Ukraine’s political regime will be totally discredited.” – Rogozin said.

AP photo: The flag-draped coffin of one of the Israeli victims of the crashed Russian plane is taken out of an Israeli Defense Force airplane in Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

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