Andrei Krushinsky: Misinformation about China moving into war

Conglomeration of the news - this is the outcome of the thing that happened yesterday, when PRAVDA.Ru published “sensational news” about China’s alleged participation in the war on Taliban’s side.

The attempts to cast shadow on China in order to bring it down in front of the world are not surprising today. One of the Taiwanese newspapers accused China of hypocrisy for instance: they say China’s solidarity with “anti-terrorist action” of the U.S. was not sincere. The author of that article even announced the communist party of China to be “terrorist organization” that usurped power in the country. To put it short – it was really a bad article, published with a view to bring harm to China and USA’s relations on the threshold of George Bush’s visit to Shanghai.

The unknown Chinese agency DEBKA found the things, which could not be noticed either by spies or US spy planes: 15 thousand army of Muslims-fundamentalists, sent by Beijing to help the Taliban. There are 2 things that do not raise any doubts: Beijing would never wish to quarrel with the States now, and secondly, Beijing does not get along with Muslims-fundamentalists, to put it mildly.

So yesterday’s news was regular misinformation. Very unqualified piece of it, wouldn’t you say.

Andrei Krushinsky PRAVDA.RU Beijing

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