Russian Duma deputies blame Georgia Republic for conniving at Chechen terrorists

As it has just became known, the military men of Abkhazia seized two Chechen gunmen and now they are interrogating them. This was stated by RosBusinessConsulting at Abkhazia’s representative office in Russia. It was also informed that the military forces of the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia are currently destroying a group of gunmen, which penetrated from the territory of Georgia republic. The amount of guerrillas (many of them have Georgian passports) reaches several hundreds already, their commander is Ruslan Gelayev (Chechen national).

The gunmen shaved their beards and changed into the civilian outfits. The source at RosBusinessConsulting stressed that “there was no need for the Russian peacemakers to participate in the military actions.”

At the same time, RIA Novosti reported that the lower house of the Russian Parliament approved the statement “About the Russian – Georgian relations.” 292 deputies voted for the statement, 1 was against and 1 abstained from voting.

The statement was prepared by the members of the committee for CIS affairs and communications with the compatriots of the State Duma. It was in particular said in the text of the statement that the actions of the Georgian authorities "were not aimed at restoring the neighborly relations between our countries.” The document also stated that “despite the repeated suggestions from the Russian side to join efforts for struggle against the Chechen terrorists, the Georgian administration is still avoiding the joint actions in this respect.”

The authors of the documents declared that “the Georgian authorities were running the policy of appeasement towards the Chechen terrorists, refuse to take tough measures against the bandits that were trained in Georgia too.” The deputies are sure that with the connivance of the Georgian administration, there is an alarming situation in the Kodorsky gorge of Abkhazia – the Chechen and Georgian guerrillas gained entry to the gorge with a view to shake the situation and perform acts of terrorism.”

In the opinion from parliamentarians, “Russia’s assistance in the regulation of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict is of key value for not letting the conflict grow in the region.” The deputies hope that the relations between Russia and Georgia “will be developing in the spirit of historic friendship between the nations of two countries.”

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